Joan Cabarrus

This Nurse Turned Sculptor Helps People Heal Through Her Insanely Realistic Dog Sculptures

A nurse discovered another way she could help people: creating custom sculptures for those grieving the loss of their pet.

7 Of Our Favorite Pride Essentials for Your Dog

Whether you’re hitting the park or enjoying a Pride parade, you and your pooch will look Pride-perfect with these products!

See the Retirement Home Where Senior Dogs Get to Live Out Their Golden Years

Known as “residents,” each senior dog thrives thanks to his or her own living space, human and pooch interaction, routine medical and dental care, as well as access to fun, stimulating activities.

Meet the Artist Creating These Incredibly Lifelike Miniature Dog Sculptures

Using a felting needle, Linda Facci creates dog sculptures that look like replicas of real dogs.

Meet Bunny, the ‘Talking’ Dog Sensation

A sharp-witted Sheepadoodle has taken social media by storm since she started “speaking” to her human, Alexis Devine.

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