dog-friendly yard

Dog-Proof Your Outdoor Oasis: 4 Landscaping Tips for a Lush and Pup-Friendly Yard

If you want to enjoy a beautiful backyard this summer, you’ve got to dog-proof it. Here are four easy ways to do it.

Sally Muir

The Woman Behind the Famous Princess Diana Sweater Is Now a Force in the Dog Art World

First making waves when Princess Diana wore her iconic black sheep sweater, Sally Muir has since made her mark in the world of dog art.

house dogge

From Designing Nikes to Creating Sustainable Dog Essentials, Meet the Woman Behind One of Oprah’s Favorite Brands

After a career as an accomplished creator in corporate America, Angela Medlin decided to go out on her own.

Meet the Photographer Behind the Viral Photos of Dogs Catching Treats

German photographer Christian Vieler is back, only this time he is doubling the fun.

City Guides for Dog Parents Reveal the Best Top-Secret Adventures You Can Enjoy With Your Pup

Featuring the best parks to play fetch, the chicest cafes to enjoy some scrumptious biscuits for both of you, the must-visit retailers, and the dog-friendly hotels that provide all the accommodations, the guides give you an inside look on what the cities have to offer you and your pup.

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