Poisonous plants and dogs

10 Houseplants That Are Poisonous to Your Dog — And Safe Alternatives

Ahead of your trip to your local nursery, here’s a list of 10 common houseplants that are toxic to dogs, as well as a few suggested alternatives that are safe for your pup.

Marijuana in a jar

With Marijuana Poisoning in Dogs on the Rise, Here is What You Need to Know

As 4/20 a approaches, the unofficial holiday in which people celebrate marijuana, don’t forget to consider your dogs — and we don’t mean passing them the vape.

How to Pick the Perfect Winter Dog Booties — and Our Recommendations

Here is our review of our favorite winter dog boots and what to consider when choosing yours.

Cozy Up With Our Ultimate Dog Sweater Buying Guide

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on choosing the best dog sweater for your pup’s needs.

Here’s How to Create the Perfect Photo Shoot of Your Dog

To capture high-quality pics of your pooch without splurging on a professional camera, here are a few tips and tricks to take the perfect photo using your phone.

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