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Our Favorite Products to Help Dogs Who Suffer From Summer Allergies

Seasonal allergies are on the rise, and they will only get worse as the summer progresses. Here are our favorite products to help your dog.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Most Charming Building? One Made for a Dog.

After receiving a letter from 12-year-old Jimmy Bergen, asking the architect to create a doghouse that looked lie his home, Wright set out to design his smallest building.

Gene Mutations May Explain Why Dogs Like Us So Much, Study Reveals

Mutations in their genes may help explain why dogs are so friendly to humans.

11 of Our Favorite Pride Essentials for Your Dog

Whether you’re hitting the park or enjoying a Pride parade, you and your pooch will look Pride-perfect with these products!

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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover: Research Casts Doubt on Stereotypes About Dog Breeds

A dog’s breed does little to predict behavior, according to research.