dog-friendly yard

Dog-Proof Your Outdoor Oasis: 4 Landscaping Tips for a Lush and Pup-Friendly Yard

If you want to enjoy a beautiful backyard this summer, you’ve got to dog-proof it. Here are four easy ways to do it.

This App Lets Your Rent a Backyard for Your Dog

For apartment dwellers and urbanites, Sniffspot lets your dog get out on city life and enjoy nature.

Dog Bowls Cleaning

How Often We Wash Our Dog’s Bowl Can Impact Their Health

A study found that we may be putting our dog’s health at risk by not properly cleaning their food and water bowls.

Sally Muir

The Woman Behind the Famous Princess Diana Sweater Is Now a Force in the Dog Art World

First making waves when Princess Diana wore her iconic black sheep sweater, Sally Muir has since made her mark in the world of dog art.

couple and dog

Here’s What to Do When Your Partner Just Isn’t That Into Your Dog

Being in a relationship with a person who doesn’t like dogs is possible; it just takes communication and a plan to ensure everyone can cohabitate.