Special Exhibit Show the Bond We Share With Our Dogs

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There is a new interactive exhibit showcasing the special human-dog bond and how our four-legged friends are not only helping us, as dog parents, but also the world at large.

The California Science Center just rolled out Dogs! A Science Tail to highlight one of the “most successful interspecies partnerships of all time” through activities and education.

Courtesy of The California Science Center

Launched this past week in Los Angeles, the exhibit has a strong focus on children in order to help the next generation understand the importance of this bond.

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It includes an interactive neighborhood where you can see how dogs bring together communities, along with a demonstration at the dog park illustrating how important play is for both pups and people. There is also a rotating roster of community parters, including those focused on service and working dogs, to teach people about how dogs can provide assistance in a number of areas.

The exhibit also shows us how to provide the best for our dog, including positive reinforcement training, brushing a canine’s teeth and grooming.

Courtesy of The California Science Center

Besides educating us on the bond, Dogs! A Science Tail also features a number of ways to view the world through a dog’s perspective. For instance, there is a fire hydrant station where you get to understand a little bit more why dogs are obsessed with pee. (While we may just smell an unpleasant odor, dogs can tell what pooch was there, what time and the direction the canine went — all through urine.) Visitors will also have the opportunity to see like a dog, hear sounds humans can’t, get inside a canine’s head and test their running skills against various breeds to see how they measure up.

Courtesy of The California Science Center

The exhibit is in Los Angeles until the beginning of 2020, and then will move onto other cities in the U.S., including Boston, San Antonio and Phoenix.

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