Dogs and heatstroke and heat stroke french bulldog

Here Are the Breeds Most at Risk for Getting Heatstroke

As we are in the dog days of summer, your pooch’s risk for heatstroke rises with the temperature.

dog food bowl vitamins dogs need

Essential Dog Nutrition: 6 Vitamins Your Pup Needs in His Diet

From healthy bones to great vision, vitamins are crucial for a happy, healthy dog.

trace minerals for dogs

5 Essential Trace Minerals Every Dog Needs

Learn what trace minerals are, why your dog needs them, and where to look for them.

From Ticks to Fleas, Here Are DIY Sprays to Protect Your Dog Outside

Help your dog stay safe this summer, with DIY sprays for mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and sunscreen.

woman and dog at computer

The Top Googled Health Issues for Dogs — and How to Treat Them

From kennel cough to ticks, here are the health conditions people search on Google.

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