golden retrieve on couch

Some Experts Believe Dogs Are Dying Younger. Here’s Why.

As one vet observed the lifespan of Golden Retrievers declining over the years, he wanted to understand the reason behind this phenomenon — and so did many others.

dog running

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy This Fall Season

Here are five things to keep your dog safe during the fall season.

dogs smiling

Here’s All Your Questions Answered About Dental Disease, the No. 1 Health Issue in Dogs

Here are some very important questions answered about at-home care, along with what to expect when your pup gets her teeth cleaned.

dog lying in bed

Can Dogs Get Headaches?

With the summer heat, pollen levels, and poor air quality, many of us are experiencing headaches. But do our dogs experience the same head-throbbing pain as we do?

The Best Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe on July 4th

It’s important to plan in advance and take precautions to keep your dog safe.

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