6 Winter Essentials to Keep Your Dog Safe, Cozy, and Happy

As we approach the coldest season, it’s important that we prepare our pups for the not-so-jolly — and even dangerous — parts that come with the most wonderful time of the year.

dog sleeping Daylight savings time and dogs

Preparing Your Dog for the End of Daylight Saving Time

Dogs are creatures of habit, and though they might not be able to read a clock, they do know routines and triggers, including when the sun rises and sets.

6 Sustainable Dog Food Brands and Why We Love Them

For those dog parents looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint while providing your pup with the nutrition needed, here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly, sustainable dog food brands.

Oh My Gourd! 5 Yummy Fall Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipes

While you’re sipping your pumpkin spice latte, why not allow your pup to enjoy a pumpkin treat of his own?

4 Things You Need to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy This Fall Season

Here are four things you absolutely need to keep your pooch safe during the fall season.

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