The 5 Best Scissors to Trim Your Dog’s Hair at Home

Trimming your dog’s fur at home is a cost-effective way you can keep your best friend’s coat nice and tidy in between professional grooming visits.

shit tzu in field

Our Favorite Products to Help Dogs Who Suffer From Summer Allergies

Seasonal allergies are on the rise, and they will only get worse as the summer progresses. Here are our favorite products to help your dog.

The Best Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe on July 4th

The safest way to celebrate the holiday is to keep your dog at home in a secure, quiet spot. But it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Yes, Your Dog Needs Sunscreen

Here are our picks for the best types and brands of dog sunscreen.

dog summer frozen treats

5 Refreshing Summer Treats for Your Hot Dog

To help your hot dog beat the heat, spoil your pup with one of these five refreshing dog-friendly treats.

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