Dog Giving Paw Teaching Jobs for Dogs at Home

Jobs to Give Your Dog At Home

Teaching your dog ‘household jobs’ not only provides mental and physical stimulation, but can also build a a stronger bond.

Why Canine Parkour is the Perfect Sport for Athletic Dogs

Dog parkour — sometimes also referred to as “urban agility” — is a somewhat new activity that focuses on teaching your dog to navigate the world in new and creative ways.

Leaving Your Dog Home Alone 2

Preparing Your Dog for Your Return to the Office

By getting your dog accustomed to your absence, supplying him with an abundance of fun toys and treats, and using natural calming remedies, your dog will soon successfully adjust to his new post-pandemic normal.

What’s the Elevator Game? Here’s Why You Need to Teach Your Dog It.

Here’s a game that is not only fun but teaches your dog self-control.

Dog and Puppy Mistakes 1

5 of the Most Common Mistakes First-Time Dog Owners Make, According to an Expert

To help you build a lifelong bond with your new dog and avoid costly mistake, we spoke to a professional about what to do when getting a new pup.

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Behavior Issues

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