How to Have a More Mindful Walk for Both You and Your Dog

By taking a cue from your pup, you can learn how to fully embrace the present moment. Here’s how both of you can enjoy a more mindful walk.

Dog and Dog Trainer

A Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Trainer for Your Needs

How exactly can dog parents find a reputable trainer? Well, it requires some homework.

6 Weird Dog Behaviors and What They Mean, According to Experts

From zooming around the yard to rolling around in smelly things, here are six weird dog behaviors explained.

What to Do When Your Dog Absolutely Refuses to Wear a Coat or Sweater in Cold Weather

Some dogs won’t accept wearing that cute sweater or insulated coat, no matter how low the temperature drops.

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Our Dog’s Health and Happiness, According to Experts

Veterinarians, behaviorists, and trainers share what they wish owners would do for their dogs to help them have a happier and healthier life in the coming year.

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