happy dog and female owner

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Our Dog’s Health and Happiness, According to Experts

Veterinarians, behaviorists, and trainers share what they wish owners would do for their dogs to help them have a happier and healthier life in the coming year.

worried and anxious dog in a bed

Tips From the Pros on Calming Your Anxious Dog

Whether it’s triggered by travel, thunder, or you leaving, when your pup is stressed, you want to do everything in your power to calm your four-legged friend.

Dog Giving Paw Teaching Jobs for Dogs at Home

Bored Dog? Here Are 4 Jobs to Give Your Pup At Home

Teaching your dog “household jobs” not only provides mental and physical stimulation, but can also build a stronger bond.

Dog digging

Why Your Dog Digs — And What to Do About It

If your dog has taken up the hobby of digging and you’re aiming to quell this enthusiasm while keeping their mental gears turning, consider these dual-purpose strategies.

A black dog, known for its mischievous behavior, laying on a couch with a stolen toy.

What to Do When Your Dog Is a Thief

Whether you’re the proud parent of an occasional thief or a pooch that is constantly running off with your things, hold onto your socks (literally!), as we take a closer look at why dogs steal and hoard. 

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