The Los Angeles Restaurant Dog Owners Can’t Stay Away From

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The Morrison

Angelinos are always on the hunt for ways to include their tail-wagging friends. And through the years, the great City of Angels has stepped up to the plate with a plethora of dynamic and even extravagantly dog-friendly activities. But sometimes it’s just the simple pleasures dog owners are looking for – like stepping out to a local neighborhood joint for a great meal where their furry family members are not only accepted but embraced.

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The Morrison restaurant is changing the face of dog-friendly spots by not only welcoming pups with open arms, but by catering to them with delicious menu options made just for mutts. And if you’re thinking this means the same old tired doggy treats or dog food, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Located in L. A’s quaint east side Atwater Village, this popular and busy restaurant has quickly become a favorite go-to for happy hours, brunches and award-winning dessert. But perhaps the most exciting aspect for many pup lovers, is just how dog friendly this place is.

Image via The Morrison
Image via The Morrison

Open now for four years, The Morrison attracts loyal followers and new customers alike. And for those who bring their fur babies along, there are three real-deal menu options that all come served on a silver platter with a meal, water and treats.

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“Dogs adore our food!” explains Laura Gimbert, the restaurant’s PR and social media manager. “It’s also a way to help customers enjoy their meal without rushing back home to feed their dogs and being able to enjoy their time with us.”

Dogs can choose from “Where’s the Beef” (chopped hamburger beef with rice), “Cock-a-doodle-doo” (chicken with rice), and Franenweinie (chopped hot dogs & rice). Presently, the doggy menu costs $6.

Image via The Morrison
Image via The Morrison

The restaurant, which has always been dog-friendly, began offering their dog menu two years ago in hopes to let people know just how much they love dogs. And for Gimbert, a proud pup parent herself, there are certain advantages to working with The Morrison. “We are all dog owners and lovers,” she explains. “Myself, I have a 3-year-old Maltipoo, and I take her to all my meetings at The Morrison so she gets to hang with mom when she works.”

Some human faves? Crafted burgers, a terrific beer and whiskey selection, and of course, their award-winning bread pudding (voted #1 bread pudding in L.A).

Image via The Morrison
Image via The Morrison

Wondering what’s up next for The Morrison? “We’re doing big specials during NFL Mondays and an Oscars special screening with specials,” she says. And that’s not all. “We celebrate every sporting and life event by decorating the whole place for each occasion, and by welcoming guests and their pups to dress up for the occasion!”

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