Yawn. The Most Popular Dog Names in New York City Are Quite Boring

While New Yorkers may be on the forefront of many things, when it comes to naming man’s best friend, it is the everyday names they are drawn to.

Max and Bella are the top names for male and female dogs, respectively, for the second year in a row. Charlie and Rocky come in second and third for boy’s names, while Lola and Lucy top out the top three for girl’s names, according to the city’s Health Department.

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In terms of the breakdown of boroughs, Max and Bella are number one in all, except in Manhattan, where Charlie and Lucy reign supreme. While many of the top names are on trend with the most popular names for dogs in the U.S. (Max and Bella are no. 1 in America), there were some interesting trends for New Yorkers.

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When it comes to naming their dog after food, residents liked the names Ginger, Pepper and Olive. Owners looking to name their pup after another animal, the names Bear, Tiger and Moose, were popular. For breed-specific names, Olivia and Henry for were the most popular for French bulldogs; Buddy and Coco for Labradors; Blue and Diamond for pit bulls; and Frankie and Daisy for mutts. (You can view more breeds here.)

Here is the full list of the top 10:


The list was compiled by examining dog license registration information gathered by the New York City Health Department.There are currently 87,031 dogs are licensed in New York City. To see which dog name is the most popular in your neighborhood, check out the interactive map below.

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