How Our Presidents Have Inspired Us to Name Our Dogs

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The names Fido and Spot are a thing of the past, as dog owners have become more creative when naming their four-legged friend. Everything from pop culture to trends in baby names come into play.

With today being President’s Day, we decided to see how our U.S. presidents have inspired owners when naming their dogs., a dog-sitting and walking company, compiled data from 2016 on how our political system has impacted the dogs in our lives — and boy, has it had an effect.

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This past year, the names from the Broadway show Hamilton grew 15 percent, while Alexander Hamilton increased by 14 percent.

The dog name Grant also rose last year (named after our 18th president Ulysses Grant) perhaps in part due to  the popularity of the show Scandal, in which the fictional president is named Fitz Grant.

Other president’s names that were on the rise include Lincoln (up 17 percent) and George Washington (up 2 percent).

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Interestingly, with last year’s campaign being  so contentious, Reagan (often mentioned in Trump’s campaign) and Barack were on the decline.

As for the states that are historically Red (Republican), the top dog names were Coco, Gracie and Troy, with the top dog breeds being border collie, boxer and Australian shepherd. For the Blue (Democrat) states, the top dog names were Parker, Charlie and Diego, with the most popular breeds being poodle, maltese and Yorkshire terrier.

And recent “first dogs” seem to have names that were very American. President Bill Clinton named his dog Buddy, the third most popular name in the U.S. for male dogs. President Reagan’s dog Lucky is ranked 28th, Obama’s dog Bo is ranked 57th and George W. Bush’s dog Barney is 174th.

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