The 6 Best Dog Trainers in Manhattan for 2017

Image credit: Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

New York City dogs live a different life from their suburban counterparts.  From the dozens of strangers wanting to pet your pup to navigating the hustle and bustle of the sidewalks and all the loud noises, it can be stressful for both the dog and the pet parent. For many, a little training can not only help their pups overcome these obstacles but can teach them better street etiquette. But where do you find the best?

Have no fear New Yorkers, This Dog’s Life culled through the local offerings, looking at what people are saying online, reviews from across the web and our own “paw of approval” to come up with the six best dog trainers in Manhattan. All are dedicated to making the training experience exceptional, providing top-notch customer service and thoroughly educating every owner.

In alphabetical order, here is our list of the six best dog trainers in Manhattan for 2017.

1.  Andrea Arden Dog Training

Image credit Andrea Arden

Image credit Andrea Arden

New York Dog Spa, 32 W 25th St, Flatiron, New York, NY 10010

Andrea Arden founded Andrea Arden Training in 1994 and has had tremendous success in New York City and beyond. There are currently three Manhattan training facilities, along with one in Brooklyn where group classes occur. Andrea, and her team, also do private classes in the convenience of your home.

Andrea Arden’s trainers use reward-based training to help each dog meet his potential, while also supporting owners’ specific-training goals. Clients have found them to be informed, patient and experienced at addressing behavioral issues.

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Not only can Andrea Arden trainers work wonders on puppies, but they are effective with older dogs and those rescued from shelter. In fact, many of the trainers have rescue dogs and have first-hand experience of the behavioral issues related to welcoming an adopted friend into your home.

Andrea has gained a loyal following from her many public appearances including those on Animal Planet’s “Pet Expert,” The Today Show, 20/20, Dateline, The View and others.  She is also the author of Barron’s Dog Training Bible, Dog Friendly Dog Training, Train Your Dog the Lazy Way, and The Little Book of Dog Tricks.

She has also been named the best dog trainer in New York by New York, W and Time Out, among others.  

2. Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Image credit: Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Image credit: Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

1795 Lexington Ave, East Harlem, New York, NY 10029

Instinct Dog Behavior & Training is a certified- and veterinarian-recommended training facility that specializes in behavior modification. Their areas of expertise include helping dogs who show aggression, fear or anxiety, but can also handle your basic training needs. Their technique is “practical, positive and relationship-focused,” according to their site.  Regardless of their age, breed or issue,  Instinct Dog Behavior & Training makes it their mission to help and make a positive impact.

They have many programs, making it easier for their clients to find the right fit for their pup.  Obedience and behavior-issues training can be done either in a private setting or at their facility. During these sessions, dogs can learn basic manners, or be taught how to overcome certain obstacles, like confidence building or reactivity. To help dogs in training, Instinct Dog Behavior & Training uses their own helper pups who work with trainers. These amazing and patient dogs, who are all rescues, help dogs learn to socialize, walk and to be obedient by setting a good example.

They also have a puppy development program for pups between the ages of 8 and 20 months. Programs include a follow-up lessons for owners and a lifetime free Canine Good Citizen group class.

Their clients consistently speak about Instinct Dog Behavior & Training’s ability to go above and beyond and personalize training for clients.

3. Lauren’s Leash

Image Credit: Lauren's Leash

Image Credit: Lauren’s Leash

320 E 54th St, Midtown East, New York, NY 10022

Lauren Novack is the founder of Lauren’s Leash, and provides personalized private puppy and dog training for much of Manhattan.

Lauren’s slogan is “dogs are people, too” and demonstrates that through her positive, relationship-based training approach, using only scientifically-proven techniques. She is passionate about helping dogs and their parents live the best life possible and provides the foundation for them to do so. As the Lauren’s Leash website states, she will “support you from the first phone call to the last training session.”

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For those who want to be hands-on, Lauren works on meeting your goals, providing homework, tips and email support. If you are a dog owner who is really busy, Lauren will also train your dog for you, working with your pup 3-5 times a week.

To say that Lauren expert is an understatement.  She was trained at the famed Karen Pryor Academy, has a master’s degree in applied animal behavior analysis and maintains her expertise through continuing education in her field.

She has been featured on Rachael Ray, Fox and Friends and Fox5 NY.

4. School For The Dogs

Image Credit: School For The Dogs

Image Credit: School For The Dogs

155 E 2nd St, East Village, Manhattan, NY 10009

School For The Dogs is a renowned professional dog training facility located in the East Village.  Their clients are huge advocates for the trainers love and dedicated approach to helping every dog in need.  School For The Dogs uses “creative and modern” training methods to provide positive outcomes for their doggy clients.

They offer group classes at the facility, along with private in-home training for much of the New York City area.

Their group classes are small and intimate to make sure each pup receives individualized attention. They have a wide assortment of programs from agility courses to puppy kindergarten and specialized classes, including reform school for those dogs who aren’t the best on the sidewalks. Using a holistic approach, each one changes your dog’s behavior for the better and creates a more confident pup.

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Other unique offerings include breed meetups, training for dogs in commercials and a private dog run for clients.

They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR and many more.

5. Shelby Semel Dog Training

Image Credit: Shelby Semel

Image Credit: Shelby Semel

Midtown East, New York, NY 10020

Shelby Semel Dog Training is located in Midtown Manhattan and is highly regarded for its positive, reward-based training methods. Their trainers focus on teaching owners how to effectively communicate with their dogs to build a trusted relationship, without using fear, intimidation or submission techniques.  

Shelby Semel, the namesake and owner, is an expert in dog training and behavior.  She attended the Animal Behavior College and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  She is a thought leader in the world of dog training and has been featured in BuzzFeed, Barkbox, Inc. and more.

Shelby Semel Dog Training provides group and private training sessions.  There are more than 12 group training sessions to choose from, including your basic obedience class, a wallflower/shy dog class and overachievers class. If you want private training, you can schedule an in-home session, where the trainers can address a number of obstacles — desensitization of sounds, elevator etiquette and welcoming a new baby, to name a few.

Their clients have claimed they are miracle workers and provide continuous support.

6. Yuruani Olguin Dog Training

Image credit: Yuruani Olguin

Image credit: Yuruani Olguin

127 W 26th St, Ste 902, Chelsea, New York, NY 10001

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen,” is the mantra you first see on the Yuruani Olguin website.

As a certified dog trainer and a student of canine psychology, some of her clients call Yurani a dog whisperer. She is also a member of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers and has built a professional and trusted dog-training practice.  She is known for being very responsive and helping her clients between and after training classes. Her positive-training approach focuses on body language and voice, rather than a physical approach.

She offers private in-home training sessions throughout Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Group training classes are available in Long Island City, Queens. Yuruani’s private classes include unique programs like training your pup for a baby on the way to helping dogs prepare for their therapy dog certification.  She also accepts custom requests to suit any need you may have.

In her downtime, she works with local rescues to help with rehabilitation and behavioral issues to set the pups up for success in finding a forever home.

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By Angela Helfrich

Angela Helfrich is the former chief business officer at This Dog's Life. Her past roles include executive director at Dooli, executive director of higher education at Fullbridge and higher account executive at Xerox.

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