Owner Shows Up at ‘Furry Con’ and Is Surprised It Has Nothing to Do With Pets

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Twitter/kenny wassus

When Cheryl Wassus, a volunteer for Pets for Vets, was asked to represent the organization at Furry Con last Saturday, she thought nothing of it. But when she arrived at the event, and saw “furries,” people who like to dress up as animals, rather than pets, she was a bit surprised.

“When we set up tables and do promos and educate the public and do outreach, I had no idea the outreach was going to be other human … furry people,” she told NY Magazine about the event.

However, it didn’t stop her, along with her therapy dog Link, from learning about this subculture.

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Twitter/kenny wassus
Twitter/kenny wassus

“I was asking a lot of questions. Where do you get these? Where do you come up with something like this? A lot of people design their own, I guess,” she told the outlet. “They decide what character they want to be, and then they spend lots of money having these costumes made.”

Link and Furry 5
Twitter/kenny wassus

And the furries accepted their four-legged furry friend. Link was seen posing with some of the people in costume.

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Twitter/kenny wassus
Twitter/kenny wassus

“It was a little embarrassing at first because Link was just a little curious why people were wearing tails, so he was doing some serious tail-sniffing and checking out people,” she says. “They weren’t offended, though, they just embraced him.”

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