6 Winter Essentials to Keep Your Dog Safe, Cozy, and Happy

A dog, wearing a cozy winter essential, is walking in the snow with a person in a pair of rain boots.

Tis the season to start stocking up on winter essentials for your canine companion. As we approach the coldest season, it’s important that we prepare our pups for the not-so-jolly — and even dangerous — parts that come with the most wonderful time of the year.

Here are seven must-have essentials for your dog to have a very merry winter solstice.

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1. Winter Boots

Protect your pooch’s paws from rain, snow, and sleet with a pair of rubber booties. Not only will he look oh-so-cute (as always), but most importantly, he’ll be safe while out on walks. 

Slick, icy pavement can be uncomfortable for your dog to walk on with his bare paws, making boots a great essential to have. Rubber boots can help limit exposure to potential hazards, such as frostbite, cuts, as well as other injuries from the environment.

Booties can also be extremely beneficial if you live in an area with harsh winters since a lot of snow and ice melts contain toxic ingredients. The chemicals used in the melts may pose risks if your dog walks on them then licks his paws.

Made of 100% rubber, the slip-on boots have open-vented slits, making it simple to slide on your pup’s paws. The rubbery material ensures the dog rain boots will stay secure, even when your dog is running. It’s the perfect paw protection for rainy or cold weather.


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2. Cozy Sweaters

Although most dogs have fur that keeps them nice and warm throughout the year, it’s best to keep your pup bundled up when temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If your dog belongs to a breed that is small, has a thin body type, or a short/hairless coat, she will most definitely need an extra layer of warmth to keep her body temperature regulated. Breeds who are more sensitive to cold weather, as well as puppies and seniors, are at a higher risk of developing hypothermia and should wear sweaters (or other warm outdoor clothing) whenever necessary.

If your dog is shivering with a tucked tail, it’s too frigid. In any case, it’s best to limit your pooch’s exposure to cold, wet weather and enjoy playtime indoors.

Handmade by Peruvian artisans, the classic sweater features an all-over chunky cable-knit pattern. The cozy alpaca wool blend sweater is extremely soft yet durable, ensuring your pup stays warm during the cooler seasons.


3. Dog Paw Wax

Dry, cracked skin doesn’t just happen to humans during winter — our pups know the feeling, too! Colder temperatures, along with stepping on snow and ice, can dry out your dog’s paws. This can lead to cracking, frostbite, and overall pain and discomfort.

Paw wax is a must during winter, whether your dog tolerates wearing boots or not. You’ll want to apply a moisturizing paw wax to keep his paws hydrated to help prevent discomfort, inactivity, and even infection.

Paw wax is a useful year-round essential since cold and hot pavement can affect your dog’s paw pads. We recommend avoiding stepping out with your dog in extreme temperatures to keep your dog safe.

This miracle balm is a must-have for your dog. It can be used year-round to protect, soothe, and keep your dog’s skin supple. In the winter months, protect your dog’s paws from snow and salt.


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4. Joint Supplements

Cold weather can cause a tremendous amount of discomfort to our dogs, and even more so if they’re older or have osteoarthritis. J

“A cold front will drop the atmospheric, or barometric, pressure, which in turn affects the tissues of the body, making them stiff and painful,” Dr. Jamie Whittenburg previously told This Dog’s Life. “Cold weather and low temperatures also affect dogs as these increase the viscosity of the fluid in the joints, resulting in stiffness and pain.

Joint supplements can help protect your dog’s joints by supporting mobility and flexibility so they don’t feel as stiff, while also stimulating cartilage growth and reducing inflammation.

With more than 1,000 mg of powerful natural ingredients to help your pup deal with occasional discomfort, our chews are perfect for occassional discomfort. Glucosamine HCl, MSM, green-lipped mussels, and chondroitin support mobility and flexibility while also stimulating cartilage growth and maintaining joint lubrication.


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5. Waterproof Jackets

Say “rain, rain go away” with a waterproof jacket to keep your pup comfy and dry while you’re out and about. 

There are several types of raincoats out there for dogs that vary in practicality, among other features like coverage and insulation. However, a high quality waterproof jacket should protect your canine friend from wet weather and help stay warm.

Waterproof jackets are essential articles of clothing that reduce the risk of your dog developing  hypothermia or frostbite due to cold, wet weather. Similar to sweaters, what you should look for in a waterproof jacket (e.g. insulation, coverage, leash/harness attachments, etc.) will depend on your pup’s body type and coat length, as well as the general climate of where you live.

Handmade by artisans, the coat has a quilted pattern, and with its faux lambswool lining, your dog will stay dry and warm while also looking amazing. The Velcro closures make it easy to take off and adjust the size.


6. Enrichment Toys

Winter could mean staying in a lot more with your four-legged friend, especially if your city becomes a winter wonderland every year. With less time spent outside walking and sniffing to his heart’s desire, you’ll want to make sure he’s staying physically and mentally stimulated.  

Enrichment toys, whether they’re food puzzles, snuffle mats, or stuffable rubber toys, prevent boredom and ultimately, keep your pooch happy and healthy.

Natural rubber dog bone

From Beco, a company that prides itself in sustainability initiatives, the natural rubber bone bounces, wobbles, and has a hole for hiding treats or peanut butter. Perfect toy to keep dogs occupied for hours, helping with mental stimulation and problem solving,


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By Yvonne Villasenor

Yvonne Villasenor is an Orange County, Calif-based freelance writer. She can often be found watching creature features, swooning over dogs on the internet or playing with her Chihuahuas.

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