Step Up Your Spring Dog Walk With These 6 Must-Haves

Spring Walk Staying Safe
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There’s nothing quite like the blissful days of spring. After being cooped up all winter, enduring cold, snowy, and drab weather, spring is a welcome change. From the flowers blooming to the trees getting their leaves and the sun shining down, people and their dogs are taking full advantage of the beautiful weather.

But while spring is an enjoyable time, it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Make sure you and your dog are ready to go wherever the whim takes you, with these must-have spring weather essentials.

Wagwear Berber Vest

Great for cooler spring days (and winter), this quilted jacket protects your pup from rain while keeping your bestie warm. With its Velcro underside closure, it is easy to put on and take off. The jacket has a hole for the harness. Comes in a number of colors and sizes, making it a perfect option for any dog.

Hoadin Vegan Waxed Harness in Navy

When it comes to spring walks, many dogs are major pullers; they need to smell everything! A harness is a safe option, as it provides control but secures around the chest, as opposed to the delicate neck area. Hoadin’s harness is handmade with non-toxic wax that provides a sturdy, distressed-leather look with none of the guilt.


If you dog does get some sprinkles on her or gets dirty, this dog bath towel is perfect for cleaning your dog up. Made of microfiber chenille, these towels quickly soak up water and dirt, holding seven times its weight in water. Plus, with its hand pockets, under belly drying is easy, allowing you to get your pup squeaky clean.

Chagrin Dry Shampoo Powder

With dogs rolling around in all sorts of spring goodness, sometimes they can get dirty. When you don’t have time for bath, a dry shampoo can hep up your pup.  From Chagrin Valley, the powder absorbs excess oils and leaves your dog’s coat smelling fresh and clean while giving it an extra boost of shine.


These booties help protect your dog’s paws from puddles while also keeping them safe from hot pavement. Made of 100 percent rubber and with open-vent slits, these booties are durable and are easy to put on and take off. The adjustable ankle straps provide a super-secure fit, keeping the paws free from dirt and debris. Choose from four rainbow bright colors or classic black to coordinate with any of your dog’s most adorable outfits. 

Adios Plastic Dog Grooming Wipes

A must have for those times when you need to spot clean your dog after a walk, these eco-friendly wipes are perfect to wash your dog’s face, paws, ears, and bum. Infused with natural ingredients, including moisturizing aloe vera and soothing chamomile, the wipes are not only great for keeping your dog clean, but also the planet. They are completely biodegradable. 


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By Nicole Shein

Nicole Shein has been a wordsmith and an animal lover ever since age 5, when she penned a book about the courtship and marriage of two rabbits named Charlie and Lila — but needed her mother to spell most of the words for her. Nowadays, she works solo as a freelance writer and editor. Her writing has appeared in or on This Old House magazine,, and Nicole lives in Rochester, NY with her partner and two children, but dreams of one day owning a rambling, rustic old farmhouse with plenty of land to accommodate all the animals she would love to rescue.

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