Bored Dog? Here Are 15 Virtual Socialization Training Events for Your Pup.

If you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy or adult dog, you’ve probably heard that socialization is crucial to your four-legged friend’s development. And it is! Introducing your dog to new people, animals, and experiences helps expose her to different situations, and therefore, reduces fear, anxiety, and aggression over time.

But in a time of social distancing, how do we socialize our dogs? Earlier this year, we may have had difficulty thinking of ways to do so, but now, this new normal has allowed us to think outside the box and utilize creative solutions.

We found 15 virtual training events to help socialize your pup in these trying times through one-on-one and group classes. That way, she can get the training and engagement she rightfully deserves to become confident and happy as she grows older.

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1. A Better Pet

A Better Pet stands by their name with training that will help your pup become, well, a better pet! Their live 90-minute Zoom classes are fully interactive so you and your pup can meet your training goals. A Better Pet’s puppy and adolescent dog training course covers the role and importance of socialization considering pandemic restrictions, the fundamentals of effective dog training, potty and crate training, proper greeting behavior, and so much more! Class is limited to 15 dogs. This 6-week long course is priced at $179.

Visit A Better Pet’s website here for more details.

2. Andrea Arden

Nationally recognized pet expert Andrea Arden has several 30-minute group sessions for you to get personalized, live video training via Zoom. Curriculum includes daily enrichment, agility skills at home, inside games, and puppy socialization. By signing up, you get access to an expert training team with over 25 years of experience so you can navigate potential challenges of life with your dog in New York City and bring out the best in your pup. Group classes are $30.

For more information on Andrea Arden’s virtual dog training, click here.

3. Grace Dog Training & Behavior

For just $35 a month, you can participate in weekly live group training with dog trainer Ana Melara, and connect with other dog parents around the world. Melara provides insight on how to better owners’ training skills, deepen their bond with their dogs, and help better understand dogs’ minds. She covers a new topic every session such as basic manners, puppy training, and behavioral issues. Participants also gain access to Melara’s recordings on useful topics at no extra cost!

For additional information, visit the Grace Dog Training & Behavior website here.

4. Hudson Barks

Want to teach your dog real life skills? Hudson Barks is the place to (virtually) go! It covers all developmental stages using positive reinforcement methods to prevent or reduce undesirable behaviors by implementing a training curriculum based on the book, Puppy Start Right Foundation Training for the Companion Dog. Dogs are welcome in small personalized groups up to four teams in total per session. Hudson Barks offers a “Puppy’s First Class” where you and your pup learn about basic cues and socialization. This class is structured in six 45-minute sessions.

Click here for more information on Hudson Barks’ virtual group classes.

5. Michael’s Pack

If you’re looking for trainers who are willing to accommodate you in every way, Michael’s Pack is a great option. Here, trainers use whatever means of communication that works best for you at a time that works best for you — all at an affordable rate! Michael’s Pack offers 30-minute and 60-minute sessions and an array of online dog training services: pre-adoption, puppy training, crate training, dog obedience training, etc. No matter how young or old your dog is, Michael’s Pack can strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Contact Michael’s Pack here to schedule a consultation to get started.

6. My Fantastic Friend

My Fantastic Friend totally understands time is of the essence when it comes to socializing your pup. That’s why it offers a six-week group class “Wonder Pup” to discuss socialization, house training, foundation skills, play biting, alone training, etc. Best of all, you can share your struggles and successes with the class community. My Fantastic Friend allows up to six dogs per class and meet once a week via Zoom. In each session, you and fellow dog parents participate in discussions and activities and receive a puppy packet along with weekly handouts. The price for this course is $175.

For more details on My Fantastic Friend’s virtual classes, click here.

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7. NJ Sit and Stay

Learn from experts in dog training and behavior counseling at NJ Sit and Stay with flexible scheduling via Zoom or Skype. Owner, Joana Watsky, has helped thousands of dog parents establish positive relationships with their dogs for nearly 30 years. Sit and Stay offers programs including obedience training for puppies and basic training for dogs of all ages that can be attended either by group class or private lesson. Following your phone and virtual sessions, you will receive articles and videos to accommodate each lesson. Rates are $95 for a 60-minute session and $50 for a 30-minute session.

To schedule a consultation or learn more, click here.

8. No Problem! Dog Training

New to virtual training? At No Problem! Dog Training, each trainer is devoted to being there every step of the way as you begin your journey so you can achieve the same success as if you were training in-person. Prior to starting your first session, you speak with a trainer for a 60-90 minute consultation. This is where you will discuss everything regarding your reason for seeking training and formulate a plan to achieve your goals. You and a trainer will meet twice a week via video call for 30 minutes each session. 

For more details on rates and how to get started, contact No Problem! Dog Training here.

9. Paul Owens

Known as “The Original Dog Whisperer,” Paul Owens is a best-selling author and world-renowned dog trainer with over 45 years of experience. In Owens’ online classes, you can learn positive-reinforcement techniques and tools in real-time to enhance communication, learn new tricks and solve behavior issues. A one-hour private online class with Paul costs $105. Discounts are available for those who are fostering through an approved rescue or shelter. 

To learn more about Owens’ training, check out his website here.

10. Ohana Pet

Ohana Pet knows your dog is family. That’s why it makes sure your dog thrives with virtual training via Zoom as he would with in-person training. Under its guidance, your pup won’t miss his critical socialization period, practice unwanted behaviors, or regress. Ohana Pet trainers make themselves available during and after class and give you the option of reviewing classes after the fact. You can choose from their five training packages to select whichever option is the most suitable for you and your furry family member.

Click here for more info on Ohana Pet and their training packages.

11. Paws and Possibilities

Take your training to a whole new level with Paws and Possibilities. With its speciality virtual group training classes, you can focus specifically on puppy training to learn about house and crate training, typical puppy issues, and socialization. Classes are held via Zoom. The first month of a Paws and Possibilities membership is $199 to gain unlimited access to classes, lifetime access to its online training course and online training resources. Membership is $99 per month following the first month. 

Visit Paws and Possibilities’ website here for additional details.

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12. PAWS Chicago

PAWS Chicago emphasizes the importance of socialization skills with their “Polite and Playful Puppy” class. In this class, you learn how to socialize and nurture your pup as well as help them become happy, healthy, polite, and housebroken. Participants meet for orientation and four live 40-minute weekly classes via Zoom. Class is limited to six dogs each. The total cost for this course is $150.

For more information on PAWS Chicago and their classes, click here.

13. Rockin’ Dawgs

Rockin’ Dawgs is committed to starting your puppy off on the right paw with their 6-week “Puppy Foundations” class. This class covers socialization, basic obedience commands, and common bad habits within this age bracket. In each hour-long Skype session, you learn right along with those who are training in-person so it feels like you’re actually there! You also receive handouts and training information. Can’t make it to class one day? They’ll provide you the information and homework from your session so you’re always in the know! This course is priced at $125.

Check out Rockin’ Dawgs website here for more information.

14. Take the Lead K9 Training

Get your family in on the fun of training your new pup with Take the Lead K9 Training! TTL encourages you to get your children involved so you all can work on making your new pup a well-rounded member of the family. In their “Puppy Foundation” course, you and your family learn how to help socialize, train, and instill good habits in your pup. The course includes: detailed homework assignments and instructions, access to a private Facebook group with other classmates, weekly course objectives about training and socialization experiences, weekly Facebook Live discussions and more! Class rates are $250 for the six-week course and access to the Facebook group; $375 for the 6-week course plus private video consultations and video reviews via Zoom.

Visit Take the Lead K9 Training’s website here for more details.

15. WOOFS! Dog Training Center

Expect tons of woofs and wags from your pup when you sign up for WOOFS! Dog Training Center’s “Puppy Kindergarten” group training class. WOOFS! Dog Training Center conducts their course in a small class via Zoom so each participant gets the personalized attention they need to succeed. The course material includes house and crate training, socialization, puppy mouthing, voluntary attention, handling, restraint, etc. Class tuition is $200 for the 6-week course.

For additional information on WOOFS! Dog Training Center’s classes, click here.

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By Yvonne Villasenor

Yvonne Villasenor is an Orange County, Calif-based freelance writer. She can often be found watching creature features, swooning over dogs on the internet or playing with her Chihuahuas.

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