After Owner Breaks His Neck Outside, Dog Keeps Him Warm for 20 Hours Until Help Arrives

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A man can thank his dog for saving his life.

A Michigan man was watching football on New Year’s Eve, when, at 10:30 pm, he went outside to get more firewood. While going down his stairs, he slipped, fell and broke his neck.

Wanting to only be identified as Bob, the man began screaming for help. But with his closest neighbor a quarter of a mile away, no one could hear him. Only wearing long johns, slippers and a shirt, Bob’s temperature dipped below 70 degrees (normal body temperature is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit).

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Fortunately, his loyal dog Kelsey was there. She laid on top of Bob to keep him warm, barked continuously for help and remained with him for 20 hours.

It wasn’t until 6:30 the next evening when a neighbor came over to borrow some eggs was Bob found and rushed to the hospital.

“He was kept warm and alive,” Dr. Chaim Cohen, a neurosurgeon at McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital, told, adding Bob was “very fortunate.”

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dog stays with owner for 20 hours after he broke his neck 1

Cohen took out portions of discs pressing in his spinal cord, according to the outlet, improving his condition.

He is doing physical therapy and walking. He is expected to make a full recovery.

And through the whole ordeal, Kelsey remained by his side, licking his face at the hospital, and even posing for pictures.

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