Would You Eat Ice Cream ‘Puppies?’

Image Credit: Instagram/Chen.Min.Lee

There is a new food trend sweeping across the internet: ice cream “puppies.”

J. C. Co Art Kitchen, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan posting its dog-shaped desserts a few months ago on Instagram and people are going crazy for them, with some terrified of the treats and others thinking they are just too cute to eat.

Its reported the restaurant currently makes three different flavors: earl-grey, chocolate and peanut butter, in shapes that resemble shar peis, pugs and bulldogs.

Image Credit: Instagram/huhsiulin

As their popularity has soared, J. C. Co Art Kitchen is having a hard time meeting demand. According to Reuters, it takes five hours to make each one — including putting the ice cream in the mold, freezing time and decorating — and the restaurant is only able to create 100 per day.

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Not everyone is stoked about the ice cream puppies.

Image Credit: Instagram/huhsiulin

“I feel sorry for him, because he has been made to look very lifelike,” a restaurant patron told Reuters. “It is as if a real dog is lying here, and I feel like cutting into him will hurt him. I feel a bit sorry.”

She isn’t alone. Some people took to Twitter to express their fear of these new desserts.

While others are all for it.

We can’t help but think it won’t be long until ice-cream puppy mania hits the states. Question is: Would you eat it?

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Check out the Reuters video below:

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