‘Dogs in Food’ Instagram Series Merges Adorable Pups in Utterly Delicious Food

June 8, 2018


This article has been updated to reflect the owner of the the Instagram page. 

A New York City man named Max has merged two of our favorite things – dogs and food – into one amazing (and weird!) Instagram series.

His Instagram page “Dogs in Food” is exactly what it sounds like: pups combined with delicious food, thanks to the magic of Photoshop. Everything from chocolate-chip Pug cookies to a Bichon-Frise donut hole and an English bulldog dumpling have been posted. The can’t-turn-away-from-photos are part “Where’s Waldo?,” part weird and part very cool.

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The series was launched earlier this year, with his first post being a Pomeranian looking “cozy” in a cream puff. Dogs in Food is similar to the more popular Instagram series (pfft) Cats in Food, which was created by Russian artist Ksenia.

Here are a few of our favorites. To get more of a “taste” of her photos, head over to Dogs in Food Instagram account.

“Bone” appetit.

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Pup burger . . @poochofnyc

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on


This pup has extra powdered sugar #delish . . @jinju_bichonfrise @emilyjmosh

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on


Who wants a lick?? . . @puggybutters

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on



This puppuccino needs a belly rub

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on


Hot pup sundae!!!

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on


Woke up craving a whole batch of pug cookies! 🤷🏼‍♂️

A post shared by Dogs In Food (@dogs_infood) on


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