Woman’s Ex Still Sends Birthday Cards to Their Dog

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Despite separating from his wife and having to part with his dog, Frankie Hernandez still sends his pup birthday cards every year.

Frankie married his high School sweetheart Rebecca in 2012, after she graduated from college. The two decided to welcome a new puppy into their life, a rescue named Apollo.

The three lived in California, with Apollo always wanting to be near both.

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Sadly in 2015, Frankie and Rebecca decided to part ways, having grown apart.

While Rebecca got Apollo, Frankie still cared deeply for the pup, sending him cards on major holidays, including his recent fourth birthday.

“I hope you got spoiled on your special day,” he writes. It continues with all the special moments Frankie remembers, including snuggling on the couch, how Apollo would get up early to see him off to work and wresting together.

After posting the card on Twitter, Rebecca has received thousands of messages, with many urging her to get back with Frankie.

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And it seems to be work.

“I had been asking for a sign from God, and then when the tweet started going viral and I started getting all these messages I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this the sign I’ve been waiting for?” Rebecca Hernandez told Today.

The two never divorced, and they have decided to give it another go.

This past weekend and have plans to go out again this weekend.

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