Watch: Man Reunited With Dogs He Thought Died in Tornado

Image Credit: WQOW

After a tornado struck his home, a man thought he lost everything, including his dogs.

Ron Belcher of Prairie Lakes Estates, Wisconsin watched last Tuesday as a tornado tore through his area, flattening homes in its path. Belcher’s place was one of them.

Tornado strikes town in Wisconsin.
Tornado strikes town in Wisconsin. Image Credit: WQOW

“These trailers, if you look around it just makes you want to cry. We lost everything we had,” Belcher told local station WQOW. “It came up all of a sudden and then it was so loud, and it got so dark. Your windows are already busted, and you see, like I said, the roof came off. And then things were just flying, refrigerators flying, it was just unbelievable.”

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Believed to have been knocked unconscious during the ordeal, Belcher woke up and discovered everything was gone, including his two dogs, Cocoa, a husky, and Taz, a pomeranian.

Considered his kids, and one being 14, Belcher thought he would never see them again. But while Belcher was recovering at a local hospital, nurse Ciara Rockow, wanted to see if she could track down his animals. She found both at a local animal hospital, and last Thursday surprised Belcher at his bedside with Cocoa and Taz.

Ron Belcher with Taz. Image Credit: WQOW
Ron Belcher with Taz. Image Credit: WQOW

“This is God’s gift, that’s what keeps me moving no matter how many bad things happen,” he said.

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