Family Dog Rescued From Rubble of Collapsed Building

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Two days after a building collapsed a dog was discovered in the rubble.

On Friday, a 100-year-old building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota crumbled while workers were converting an old bar into a convenience store.

A woman, Emily Fodness, was trapped under the debris. She was rescued but her three dogs remained in the building. One was discovered shortly after Fodness, a second a few hours later but one still remained: a beagle named Molly.

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Yesterday, 48 hours later, City Emergency Manager Regan Smith was on the scene when she heard a faint bark.

“‘Did you hear that?’ I asked (the engineer),” Smith told USA Today.

A search-and-rescue team was able to retrieve the dog shortly after, and the family was on site to reunite with Molly.

dog found in rubble in SD 1

The beagle was in good condition.

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A construction worker, Ethan McMahon, died during the building collapse. A makeshift memorial has been set up to honor him.

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