Dog Emerges From Rubble Nine Days After Earthquake Hits Italy

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After a deadly earthquake struck Italy, a dog miraculously emerged from the rubble nine days later.

On Aug. 24, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the village of Villa San Lorenzo a Flaviano. People were forced to evacuate, including the owners of a golden retriever dog named Romeo. Before the couple left the village, they searched hours for their four-legged companion but to no avail.

Returning last Friday, Sept. 2, with fireman to collect their belongings from their home, they heard barking as they neared the debris.

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Not seeming to be fazed, Romeo emerged, tail wagging. Fireman provided water before helping him climb down the rubble to be reunited with his owners.

Dog Rescued from Italian Earthquake 1

“We immediately began moving masonry from where the barking was coming from and incredibly we got to him and he was in pretty good condition,” a fireman told the ANSA news agency. “Luckily some beams had fallen in a way that they were holding up the weight of everything above them, leaving Romeo with a little niche that he was able to survive in.”

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Romeo is the first dog to be reunited with his owners after the horrible natural disaster — killing more than 290 people — but a cat was also found six days after the earthquake struck.

Check out the video below: