Watch: Hero Dog Jumps Into Pool to Save Struggling Canine Friend

After a dog fell into the pool, his friend, another pooch, came to his rescue.

Earlier this month, Jay Becerra from Sow Low, Arizona found his dog Smokey completely wet. Curious as to what happened, he looked at his surveillance video – and there he saw a bit of a miracle.

Smokey had somehow got past a fence that separated the pool from the house and jumped in. The problem? He isn’t a great swimmer.

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In the video, you can see him struggling to get out. Enter hero dog. Becerra’s daughter’s dog, Remus, arrived at the scene and realized his friend was having difficulty getting out of the pool. Pacing back and forth, he tried to figure out what to do. Remus decides to take the plunge, jumping in to give Smokey a helping hand, or, eh, paw.

Remus paddles to Smokey and uses his body to push his friend to safety. The video shows Smokey first getting his front paws on the lip of the pool and then finally he is able to get his entire body out of the water. Remus also gets out – and the two shake off the water and act like nothing happened.

Jay’s wife, Laurie, wrote on Facebook that the two dogs do play by the pool but never had an incident where one fell in. However, she did note a life jacket is on its way for Smokey.

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Watch the daring dog rescue below:

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