This Year’s Horrible Hundred Report Exposes Cruelty at Puppy Mills


Despite the USDA making animal-welfare records virtually impossible to obtain, The Humane Society of the United States was once again able to release its annual Horrible Hundred list, a report that exposes some of the worst puppy mill offenders in America.

Missouri again tops this list for the state with the most offending breeders, followed by Ohio and Iowa.

“The public needs to know that puppy mills are still a problem, that we need better laws and enforcement to end their cruelty, and that puppy buyers need to be part of the solution, by refusing to purchase from breeders they haven’t met and screened, or by choosing shelter adoption instead,” Kitty Block, acting CEO and president of the HSUS, said in a post.

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This report comes after the current administration did an overhaul on the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service animal-welfare database, redacting breeder names and license numbers, despite people being issued citations, fines and warning for deplorable conditions, injured animals and mistreatment of dogs, among other “horrific” findings.

“Without this information, The HSUS and the general public cannot evaluate whether USDA is meeting its charge,” the report reads. “Additionally, consumers cannot judge whether or not they are supporting an operation which has been found employing the harmful practices described in this report. Moreover, the lack of transparency can be a hinderance to law enforcement efforts in jurisdictions that rely on inspection reports to determine compliance with state and local laws.”

After last year’s HSUS’s Horrible Hundred was released with all breeders’ names shown, the USDA has yet to revoke a single breeder license, according to the organization.

Diana Burden in Nebraska was found with more violations in 2017, even after appearing in our prior Horrible Hundred report. She was issued another official warning by the state and ordered to downsize the kennel. Inspectors repeatedly found unsanitary conditions (NE Dept of Ag/2017)

For this year, HSUS was still able to identify more than half of the breeders through state records, news and other documents – but it is just a snapshot of puppy mills across the country.

“The Horrible Hundred reports were never intended to be a list of all the puppy mills in the United States, or even a list of the worst puppy mills, since many of the worst puppy mills are never inspected at all,” states the organization. “The report is a snapshot that depicts the breadth of the problem.”

The below is the Humane Society’s abbreviated version of the report (published with permission). To get a more in-depth look into the violations, conditions and findings, check out the complete the Humane Society’s complete report of The Horrible Hundred 2018.

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Mountainburg, Arkansas: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Frank Peck*, South Forty Kennel Dog had a “deep, open laceration,” another had missing fur and sores, a third dog had clouded, crusty eyes.

New Hope, Arkansas: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Desiree and Lee Bogan, Bogan Ranch and Kennels* (REPEAT OFFENDER) Puppy on wire flooring was chilled and lethargic; three other dogs needed medical care; inspectors found dirty conditions.

Paris, Arkansas: Name withheld by USDA; USDA inspector found 13 dogs in need of veterinary care in one day; one dog had “labored breathing,” two shih tzus had eyes crusted shut with greenish discharge; others were severely matted or had signs of infection.


Miami, Florida: Beverly Hills Puppies, Inc.; Online seller and “AKC” breeder kept panting bulldogs in sweltering 99.6 degree building; inspectors found underweight and injured dogs; one dog was frantically spinning in circles; cited repeatedly for inadequate veterinary care.


Meigs, Georgia: Patti West, Lorrains [SIC] Yorkies (REPEAT OFFENDER); Continued to have overwhelming odor and matted dogs despite warnings from inspectors; offers to ship puppies to buyers sight-unseen but is not licensed to do so by USDA.

Nashville, Georgia: Craig Gray, Georgia Puppies; Massive dealer with 450 dogs was cited by state for dogs housed permanently in temporary enclosures; dogs found without adequate space.

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Humboldt, Illinois: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Clifford E. Herschberger* Thin puppy who had diarrhea for a week had not been taken to a veterinarian; inspectors found “buildup of dirt and grime.


Greens Fork, Indiana: Name withheld by USDA; Puppy found dead in water bowl had bloody wounds; another dog with a large wound had not been treated by a veterinarian; puppies did not have adequate shelter from the wind and rain.

Montgomery, Indiana: Name withheld by USDA; Underweight boxers had their ribs and hip bones showing, flaking skin, and crusty eyes; another dog had explosive diarrhea for weeks.

Odon, Indiana: Name withheld by USDA; Puppies found in sweltering kennel building with heat index of 103 degrees were lying on their backs, panting heavily with signs of heat stress; second building had a heat index of 108 degrees with more dogs panting heavily inside; one nursing mother found “lying flat out and panting.”

Reelsville, Indiana: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Mark D. Lynch, LBL Kennels* Inspectors found five dogs in need of veterinary care including dogs with runny, red eyes and signs of dental disease.

Egregious problems with sick and injured dogs were found at Milton Lewis’s kennel in Newport, NE. State inspectors conducted an inspection in September 2017 after receiving a complaint. Inspectors requested that the licensee bring two dogs to his veterinarian due to the severity of injuries and they would attend the appointment. The licensee brought a third injured dog, a Newfoundland, that had fly strike on his nose. This dog was euthanized along with a puppy that had it’s leg bitten off during the inspection. The licensee later euthanized 14 additional dogs and puppies, some only because they had burrs in their fur (NE Dept of Ag/2017).


Ackworth, Iowa: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Helene Hamrick, Wolf Point Kennel* (REPEAT OFFENDER) Dogs had live maggots crawling in their food; dog’s feet were falling through gridded flooring; licensee received prior official warning from USDA.

Bloomfield, Iowa: Name withheld by USDA; Dead Chihuahua found with large, open wound had gone unnoticed by the licensee.

Cincinnati, Iowa: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Henry Sommers* (REPEAT OFFENDER) Multiple repeat violations; Yorkie had foot swollen to twice its normal size; puppy had swollen eyelids with yellow discharge; bichon had open wound on her neck.

Ionia, Iowa: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be David Horning* Fifteen dogs found in need of care during March 2018 USDA inspection included a dog with a bleeding mouth, a dog with a red and oozing eye, dogs with patches of missing hair and irritated skin, many dogs with dental disease and two dogs with injured feet; USDA listed most of the issues under a single “Direct” violation.

Ireton, Iowa: Dean Dekkers, Double D Kennels Dogs; with unsafe housing; inadequate space; excessive feces; failure to obtain enough adult staff to care for 90 dogs.

Knoxville, Iowa: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Tim Galeazzi, Double G Kennels* Inspector found emaciated shih tzu nursing six puppies and emaciated poodle who appeared “depressed and lethargic” with little body fat or muscle, puppies on unsafe wire flooring.

Lucas, Iowa: Name withheld by USDA; Inspector found 17 dogs needing veterinary care; ten of them disappeared before the next inspection. Dogs had infections and injuries; one “cried out” in pain while being handled.

New Sharon, Iowa: Name withheld by USDA; Dogs in need of veterinary care included two German shepherds with raw, open wounds; repeat violation for lack of adequate veterinary care.

Sioux Center, Iowa: Shaggy Hill Farm; Unlicensed kennel; believed to have over 140 dogs, yet failed to let state inspector on property.

Unionville, Iowa: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Fox Creek Kennels aka Iowa Fox Creek Kennels* Great Danes found in 7 degree weather with their water bowls frozen solid (January 2018); Great Dane found in emaciated condition with ribs and backbone showing.

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Baileyville, Kansas: Tim Deters, Dusty Roads Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); Problem breeder with ~200 dogs dropped USDA license after years of violations, yet still offering puppies sight-unseen on without a federal license.

Chapman, Kansas: Dorothy Stewart, Stewart Ranch (also owns Dorothy’s Pet Shop, Junction City); State inspectors repeatedly found puppies with ribs, hip or tail bones protruding, filthy and unsafe conditions.

Clyde, Kansas: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Connie Fahey*, Precious Puppies Kennels aka Connie’s Precious Puppies Poodle found “curled up in the corner” had a disintegrating jaw and open holes in his mouth; dogs also had greenish water, inadequate protection from the cold.

Elk City, Kansas: Michelle Miller, Plum Crazy Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); Puppies found with skin condition; dogs were in muddy enclosures with standing water; facility still operating in 2018 despite year after year of problems.

Glasco, Kansas: Joyce Cairns /Roberson, Unicorn Kennel; Repeated violations for dogs in need of veterinary care; emaciated corgi found listless, with spine visibly protruding; Pekingese in need of surgery was not treated effectively more than six months later.

Jetmore, Kansas: Carol Slovacek/ CTM Kennel; State continues to relicense kennel despite owner’s repeated noncompliance, failure to let inspectors in and apparent failure to abide by consent agreement (limit of 30 dogs).

Lyndon, Kansas: Sheila Jenkins and Dyann Van Eaton, Wild Heart Pups, aka Wildheart Enterprises, aka Wildheart Ranch/ Wildheart Goldendoodles and Labradoodles; “AKC inspected” kennel failed numerous state inspections; dogs found in icy conditions in 7 degree weather; buyer says puppy died in her arms just 36 hours after purchase.

McLouth, Kansas: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Mary Pierson, Pampered Puppy Kennels* Husky with limp and an open wound had not received proper treatment almost three weeks after her injury.

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Even after appearing in two of our prior reports for underweight, sick and/or injured dogs who were found at her kennel four years in a row, Marilyn Shepherd/Williams was found with additional violations in August 2017. One photo showed a dog with matted fur that was heavily soiled with a brown substance that resembled mud or excrement (MO Dept of Ag/2017).


Oxford, Massachusetts: Robert Fink, Laughlin Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); Combination breeder/ pet store fined $4,500 by the state for poor conditions; consumers report sick puppies.


Vestaburg, Michigan: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Cheryl Rondy* Dogs in the cold; dogs and puppies repeatedly found with no water; USDA inspector stated facility was “not maintaining these dogs and puppies at even our minimum standards in the areas of basic animal needs.”


Alton, Missouri: Marlisa McAlmond, Cedar Ridge Australians (REPEAT OFFENDER); Massive operation with more than 400 dogs had repeat issues with veterinary care; 26 puppies and dogs were thin, with ribs showing, noticeable waists and/or muscle atrophy; inadequate and unsafe housing.

Anderson, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Joyce Walters, Select Pets* (REPEAT OFFENDER) Puppies with feces matted in their fur were in a cage that had not been cleaned in days; Yorkie had bloody stool.

Ava, Missouri: Marilyn Shepherd aka Marilyn Williams, Pup 4 U, aka Williams Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); Inspectors found injured dogs five years in a row; severely matted dogs; one dog was so matted the breed was unrecognizable and the dog also had lice. Breeder was permanently barred from holding a USDA license in 2006 but she is still in business under a state license and selling online.

Clark, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; Shih tzu had such a tight chain around her neck that she had open lesions and “blood like matter” on neck; a second dog appeared to have a broken leg, yet USDA inspector did not cite either painful issue as “critical” or “direct.”

Clinton, Missouri: Kimberly Coleman, TLC Kennels (REPEAT OFFENDER); Direct, repeat violation for injured dog; underweight shar-pei found bloodied and severely wounded; year after year of violations.

Curryville, Missouri: Debra Ritter, Cornerstone Farms (REPEAT OFFENDER); Huge Internet seller with more than 375 dogs has been cited by state inspectors year after year for poor conditions; dogs had diarrhea, hair loss and fleas; USDA mysteriously finds no violations.

Edgar Springs, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; “Mound of feces” was 10 inches high; dogs with frozen water had been licking at solid blocks of ice seeking moisture; dogs had hardly any protection from the bitter cold when temperatures had been as low as 14 degrees F.

Edgar Springs, Missouri: Pamela Baldwin, Samples Creek Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); More than 30 dogs found underweight, sick or injured in 2016-2017; some were limping or had open wounds; one dog had eyes completely covered in yellow discharge; another had an enlarged, bulging eye. Breeder sells to Tiffanies LLC, a massive pet store broker.

Edina, Missouri: Donald Schrage, Rabbit Ridge Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); Problem puppy mill with more than 130 dogs still accumulating violations under a state license, despite revocation of its USDA license in 2016; violations have spanned more than two decades.

Elkland, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; Two dogs were so thin that they had “obvious visible waists” and visible vertebrae; excessive feces, with “mashed and caked fecal material” covering large parts of flooring; some dogs were unable to move around without stepping or standing in feces.

Elkland, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; Puppies found smeared with feces in a feces-encrusted cage; dogs with empty water bucket drank excessively after inspector instructed breeder to give them water; three dogs disappeared from facility after owner was told to obtain veterinary care for them.

Gallatin, Missouri: Pam Wilson; Admitted using a cattle prod to break up dog fights; direct violation for puppy with crusty scabs and other dogs with similar issues; licensee admitted she caught a rash from the dogs, yet none of the animals with skin disorders had been seen by a veterinarian.

Granby, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; Inspector found dog with bloody discharge oozing from open surgery site; shih tzu had green crust along eyelids.

Jamesport, Missouri: Jimmie Holyfield; Inspector found cluster of cockroaches in kennel; piles of feces so numerous that dogs had difficulty moving without stepping in it.

Lebanon, Missouri: Jason and Ashlae Simmons, Simmons Farms; Breeder of AKC puppies repeatedly found with sick or injured dogs yet had no proof of veterinary care for their issues; inspector found mother dog with “prominent ribs” nursing puppies.

Marshfield, Missouri: Bobbie Lyell, Oak Wood Farms; Many dogs were underweight with patches of hair loss; at least one of them had lice; others had discharge from eyes or ears; veterinary issues found at three separate inspections in 2017.

Middleton, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Mark Ritter, Heritage Farms Kennel aka Heritage Farms, LLC* Two nursing mother dogs were found “very thin” with prominent spine and pelvic bones.

Montgomery City, Missouri: Linda Kay Butler, High Point Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); AKC-linked breeder had repeated problems with veterinary care; several puppies in one litter had died; others had no records of vaccines or treatments.

Neosho, Missouri: Kallie and Josh Bateman, Puppy Travelers, Inc.; Twenty-four puppies seized at end of long transport to pet store were found in filthy conditions, small cages without water; the transport operation shares space with Pinnacle Pet, LLC, a massive puppy broker.

Novelty, Missouri: Michael Franke, North River Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); Puppies had loose, bloody stools; inspectors warned breeder four times about keeping dogs on wire flooring without adequate resting surface; one dog had hair loss and reddened ears.

Novelty, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; Dog’s wound had not been treated by a veterinarian; food was contaminated with feces; dogs did not have enough protection from the bitter cold in winter or high heat in summer.

West Plains, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; Dogs had bleeding, open wounds; Yorkie had hair loss and fleas; French bulldog was seen coughing and gagging.

West Plains, Missouri: Name withheld by USDA; Boston terrier found shivering in the cold; multiple dogs had barely any protection from the cold in 29 degree temperatures.

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Bobbie Lyell of Oak Wood Farms in Missouri was found with many underweight dogs during state inspections in 2017, including this weimaraner that was photographed by inspectors. The kennel was cited for veterinary issues at three separate inspections in 2017 (MO Dept of Ag/2017).


Fort Calhoun, Nebraska: Jeff Dross; Failed state inspection after inspector found rodent and insect infestations; feces not cleaned for five to seven days; dogs were only given fresh water “about twice a week.”

Grand Island/ Wood River, Nebraska: Mark Griesman, Prairie Chesapeakes; Received warning from the state; dog with wound hadn’t been taken to a vet two days later; insufficient food, water and shade; unacceptable veterinary care; dangerously decrepit housing.

Orchard, Nebraska: Diana Burden, Tall Pines Kennels (REPEAT OFFENDER); Online seller received official warnings from the state in 2017 and 2016; puppies found in the cold, many without bedding in 46 degree room; inspectors repeatedly found unsanitary conditions; ordered facility to downsize.

Newport, Nebraska: Milton Lewis, Rock Hill Dog Ranch; Egregious problems with sick and injured dogs; one puppy had a leg torn off, according to state report; owner euthanized 14 unwanted dogs and puppies, refusing offer to send them to rescues; some were euthanized only because of burrs stuck in their fur.

Swanton, Nebraska: Mitch and Alisa (Alica) Pesek (REPEAT OFFENDER); AKC-linked breeder repeatedly found keeping dogs outside without adequate protection from the weather; cited for underweight and wounded dogs several years in a row.

Randolph, Nebraska: Jo Ann Steiger, In God’s Hands Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); State inspectors repeatedly found unsanitary conditions and insufficient veterinary care.


Dundee, New York: Name withheld by USDA; Puppy was unable to walk on injured leg; no vet had visited the facility in over a year.

Lyons, New York: Classy Creations; Dogs had matted fur, wounds, red and oozing sores on their feet, “dirty ears with black tar-like debris,” “not enough trained employees” per inspection report; dozens of violations.

Penn Yan, New York: Name withheld by USDA; Underweight dog found with “prominent back bones and hip bones” and “easily felt ribs,” others found with matted fur and long nails; puppies exposed to dangerous wire floors.

Penn Yan, New York: Name withheld by USDA; Dog found blinking her eyes continuously and pawing at her face; another had an injured ear that had not been treated; dirty conditions.

South Butler, New York: Rainbow Creek Kennel; sold underage puppy; Pekingese dog had rusty chain around the neck and missing fur; another dog was matted in feces.

Stanley, New York: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Allen Nolt, Leaning Ash Kennels* Inspector found “heavily matted” dog and dog with red, irritated swollen paw, signs of infected ears and scabs.


Baltimore, Ohio: Yolanda B. Smith; Failed three state re-inspections in 2018; inadequate veterinary records; Chihuahua found to be lame on front leg; cages too small.

Canton, Ohio: Susan Fitzgerald / Whiskers, Wings and Wild Things (REPEAT OFFENDER);  Unlicensed breeder who admitted to neutering puppies without a veterinarian and without anesthesia is still selling via her pet store and online, two years after the state revoked her license.

Charm, Ohio: Name withheld by USDA; Two dogs had such severe dental disease that the roots of their teeth were exposed; dogs showed discomfort and tried to pull away when their mouths were touched.

Dundee, Ohio: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Dwayne E. Yoder*, DL Goldens Dogs had moldy food and rusty feeders; no veterinary exams on dogs.

Fredericksburg, Ohio: Joseph M. Yoder; Warned three times within one year about unsafe/ wire flooring; excessive feces, unsanitary conditions.

Loudonville, Ohio: John J. Nisley (REPEAT OFFENDER); Sold underage puppies despite prior warning; prior issues with sick and injured dogs; sells more than 250 puppies a year.

Millersburg, Ohio: Daniel E. Miller, Mills Kennel; Repeated veterinary care deficiencies, including tail docking and dew claw removal without appropriate veterinary guidance; excessive feces and filthy conditions.

Millersburg, Ohio: Mose D. Nisley, Forever Home Puppies; Inspector found “very underweight” Great Dane; dog with eye disorder; cages too small.

Millersburg, Ohio: Name withheld by USDA; Twenty-four dogs found with injured feet, many of them trembling, limping or with blood clots on feet; many had been bleeding for hours without treatment.

Millersburg, Ohio: Name withheld by USDA; Dog had crusted skin with discharge; others were matted or had missing fur; inspectors found dirty conditions.

Millersburg, Ohio: Name withheld by USDA; Dog had a mass the size of a softball that was pink and draining; puppies exposed to fly infestation; dirty conditions.

Millersburg, Ohio: Name withheld by USDA; Yorkie found “excessively matted, wet and smelling of urine,” multiple dogs in need of veterinary care included dogs with hair loss and missing teeth; licensee mixed his own drug concoction that had not been approved by a veterinarian.

Sugarcreek, Ohio: Name withheld by USDA; Dog had bleeding gums, loose teeth and a draining abscess; she struggled and winced when inspector handled her; other dogs had scabs, bald and crusty areas of skin or injured paws.


Ardmore, Oklahoma: Shannon Smith, Shannon’s Kennel; Breeder operated without a license for five years; repeatedly found with no vaccinations or medical records on dogs.

Chandler/ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: “Miguel Delgado,” aka Tom Coleman (REPEAT OFFENDER); Breeder with long history of sick dogs was sent warning letter for failure to inform Oklahoma about past license revocation in Georgia; he also previously operated in Ohio.


East Earl, Pennsylvania: Whispering Spring Kennel, LLC (REPEAT OFFENDER); Instructed to get vet checks for dogs 13 times between 2010 and 2017; received warnings/ citations at seven different state inspections since 2010.

Ephrata, Pennsylvania: Butter Fly Kennel; Cited for unsanitary conditions, puppies from undocumented sources; vet checks ordered on dogs; tried to hide puppies from inspector.

Gap, Pennsylvania: Fill-in-the-Gap Pets aka Infinity Pups (REPEAT OFFENDER); Cited for failure to protect dogs from the cold, unsanitary conditions, and buying from unlicensed dealers in December 2017; failed five state inspections in 2016 for similar offenses.

Honey Brook, Pennsylvania: Sunny Slope Kennels (REPEAT OFFENDER); Repeatedly failed to get dogs examined by a veterinarian, even after warning; kennel previously closed down in 2010 but re-opened in 2012 and has had violations every year since then.

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania: Weaver Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); Wardens repeatedly ordered vet checks on dogs; more than a decade of violations.

Mifflintown, Pennsylvania: Henry Swarey/ BowWow Hollow Pets, aka BowWow Hollow Puppies (REPEAT OFFENDER); Massive dog dealer quarantined for giardia in kennels; linked to complaints about sick puppies.

Newville, Pennsylvania: Margaret (Molly) Graf, Eichenluft Working German Shepherds (REPEAT OFFENDER); Licensee still in business in 2018 despite pleading guilty to failing to provide sanitary and humane conditions; failed seven state inspections in 2016 and 2017.

Somerset, Pennsylvania: Lauradale Kennel; Inspector found dogs in ice-covered kennels in 38 degree temperatures; entire inside of kennel building was coated in ice; citations for filthy conditions and excessive feces.

Strasburg, Pennsylvania: Walnut Run Kennel (REPEAT OFFENDER); Issued a verbal and written warning in 2018 for unsanitary and unsafe conditions, including poor air quality; history of prior warnings.

State inspectors have found numerous violations at Daniel Miller’s kennel in OH, including repeated problems with dogs kept on uncoated wire flooring, a lack of adequate veterinary care program and filthy conditions. Excessive feces were noted at a July 2017 visit (OH Dept of Ag/2017).


Freeman, South Dakota: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Joette Peterson* (REPEAT OFFENDER) Multiple repeat violations; Saint Bernard had open wound swarming with flies; dogs had no food bowls and their food was thrown on the ground.

Plankinton, South Dakota: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Elvina Johnson*/ Johnson Kennels No vet had visited the facility in three years; Weimeraner had “thick yellow-green discharge” from both eyes; Labrador had partly ulcerated skin lesions; puppies housed in poor conditions.

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Augusta, Wisconsin: David Kurtz; Sick puppy sold without a veterinary visit; parvovirus linked to kennels; limping dog had not been taken to a veterinarian.

Black River Falls, Wisconsin: Ryan T. Handly,, and (REPEAT OFFENDER); Dogs “exposed to excrement falling from higher enclosures” per inspection report; strong odor of ammonia and feces; state inspectors issued three official warnings in 2016/2017 for multiple violations, yet Handly accumulated new violations in January 2018.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin: Jesse W. Yutzy; State inspection found dogs and puppies shivering in the cold; licensee ordered to pay $1,499 to court; placed on conditional license due to repeated non-compliance.

Hillsboro, Wisconsin: Joshua W. Yutzy; Inspection cut short due to sick puppy; “extreme and unacceptable accumulation of excrement,” strong odors and flies. Many repeat violations.

New Auburn, Wisconsin: Jeffrey and Angela Kellen, J.A.K. Kennel; Mother dog and puppies found in the cold; excessive feces; compliance actions issued twice in two months by state authorities.

Stetsonville, Wisconsin: Name withheld by USDA; believed to be Aaron Hostetler* “Critical” violation for dog with significant leg injury; leg had gone untreated for almost a year.

Thorp, Wisconsin: Name withheld by USDA; Boston terrier puppy was listless and had swollen head; licensee resisted taking the puppy to a vet until inspector insisted.

Thorp, Wisconsin: Name withheld by USDA; Puppy had scabs and cloudy eye; west highland terrier had a puncture wound on her neck.


By Andrea Huspeni

Andrea Huspeni is the founder and CEO of This Dog's Life. Her mission it to help dogs live a happier, healthier and longer life. When she isn't working, she spends time with her two dogs, Lola and Milo. She resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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