Stay at Home in Style With These Must-Have Dog Essentials

Velvet Hippo Hexagon Bed

You might be feeling cooped up with a case of cabin fever right about now — but there’s no reason you can’t indulge in a little retail therapy to make staying indoors a little more bearable for both you and your dog! That’s why we’ve compiled a selection of carefully curated, one-of-a-kind products that will not only make your pup happy, but will bring a breath of fresh air into your environment.

Velvet Hippo Hexagon Dog Bed

Watch your dog curl up in our Velvet Hippo Hexagon Dog Bed, day after day, night after night, and you’ll see why this bed provides a super-cozy snooze. 

That’s because its multi-angled shape and six firm, supportive bolsters give your precious pup more ways to support his head and limbs than an ordinary oblong or rectangular bed. He’ll spend less time tossing, turning and trying to find the perfect comfy spot, and more time blissfully chasing rabbits.

Durable, stone-washed canvas and recycled poly-fill stuffing make the Hexagon sturdy, scratch-proof and machine washable. Choose from three sizes to support a range of breeds.

Hoadin Eco-Friendly Cork and Canvas Dog Bin

Now that you’re spending more time within your four walls, it’s more important than ever to keep things tidy. A 2017 study published in Current Psychology found a correlation between a cluttered home and increased levels of procrastination, frustration and even life dissatisfaction — and you’re probably feeling plenty stir-crazy already without adding to the problem. 

Eco-Friendly Cork Toy Bins smaller
Hoadin Eco-Friendly Cork Toy Bin

Why not corral your dog’s stuff in a chic, eco-friendly, cork and canvas bin from Hoadin? Two generous sizes provide ample storage space for toys, blankets, bones, leashes or anything else you want to keep stashed out of sight but still have handy. 

Made from rugged, classic cotton canvas and accented with neutral stripes in red, natural, navy or black, these storage bins are so stylish you could also use them for your own supplies: craft stuff, accessories or any clutter that’s getting out of control.

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This Dog’s Life Bye, Bye Dog Breath

Starting to turn up your nose at your pooch’s smooches? It’s time to say goodbye to smelly dog breath with our Bye, Bye Dog Breath dental products. Made with our proprietary, veterinarian formulation, the line combats stinky dog breath with a double dose of natural yet powerful ingredients that work to clean your canine’s teeth, stop plaque before it gets started and support gum health.

Bye, Bye Dog Breath
Bye, Bye Dog Breath

The Bye, Bye Dog Breath Dental Powder couldn’t be simpler to use. Just sprinkle it over your dog’s meal and you’re done. Beneficial microbial action helps prevent bad bacteria from forming into plaque. 

Dogs love to chew on our Bye, Bye Dog Breath Dental Sticks, which have a unique dual-layer formulation that works to control tartar, remove bacteria, and naturally freshen your pup’s breath. 

Made in the USA and developed by a veterinarian, biochemist and animal nutritionist, both products are a targeted, effective, and hassle-free way to keep those kisses smelling sweet

Dug and Bitch Organic Aloe Vera Dog Shampoo

Dug and Bitch Organic Dog Shampoo
Dug and Bitch Organic Dog Shampoo

Speaking of soothing scents, you’ll truly look forward to your best bud’s bath time when you bring this delightful organic shampoo to the tub. Paraben-free to pamper sensitive skin and formulated with aloe vera to make coats smooth and silky again, this is like the champagne of shampoos! 

It’s crafted in small batches by Scottish brand Dug and Bitch and has a concentrated formula that can be diluted for delicate doggos or used full-strength after a dirtier romp in the out-of-doors.

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Labbvenn Ultimate Faux-Fur Dog Blanket

Just because your dog is already soft and fuzzy doesn’t mean he won’t love a little extra luxury in his life.

Labbvenn Faux Fur Blanket
Labbvenn Faux Fur Dog Blanket

Treat him to the Fora blanket as an expression of your appreciation for the comfort he gives you every day. Equal parts snuggly and sumptuous, this is a blanket that any bowser would be grateful to cuddle up in.

The luxury embedded in this blanket doesn’t stop at the silky faux fur in beautiful shades of silver and chestnut. Polish brand Labbvenn’s commitment to excellence is also evident in the high-end details such as hand finishing and stopper fabric on the reverse to prevent it from slip-sliding away. 

MiaCara Sustainable Felt Dog Toy Basket

Ever feel guilty about all those disposable water bottles you bought before investing in a reusable version? Assuage it by choosing this beautiful, sustainable felt basket that is made from recycled plastic water containers.

MiaCara Felt Dog Toy Bin
MiaCara Felt Dog Toy Bin

Timeless modern brand MiaCara from Germany creates sturdy but still sophisticated felt from the world’s ecological folly and then crafts it into these baskets.

Available in four soft, muted shades, the shallow tray shape gives your dog easy access to her playthings. The baskets are stackable and versatile, with cut-out handles for easy carrying.

Animalist Custom Breed Minimalist Dog Artwork

Now that you have splashed out on your pup, why not pick up a little something for yourself? Whether you’re doing some redecorating while you’ve got spare time on your hands, or you just want to brighten up one bare wall, check out the clean, sleek lines of Scandinavian brand Animalist’s art prints.

Animalist custom dog artwork
Animalist custom dog artwork

You’ll marvel at how these bespoke sketches are evocative not only of breed characteristics like silhouette and ear shape, but also of their unique personality and pizzazz.

These prints are made from heavyweight Hahnemühle German Etching paper, which is free of acid and lignan so that it can last for a lifetime.

Choose from dozens of standard breeds and three sizes for a piece of art that’s nearly as singular as your special friend.

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By Nicole Shein

Nicole Shein has been a wordsmith and an animal lover ever since age 5, when she penned a book about the courtship and marriage of two rabbits named Charlie and Lila — but needed her mother to spell most of the words for her. Nowadays, she works solo as a freelance writer and editor. Her writing has appeared in or on This Old House magazine,, and Nicole lives in Rochester, NY with her partner and two children, but dreams of one day owning a rambling, rustic old farmhouse with plenty of land to accommodate all the animals she would love to rescue.

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