Step Up Your Spring Dog Walk With These 5 Must-Haves

wagwear dog boots

There’s nothing quite like the first sweet-smelling day of spring — and that goes double this year! Make sure you and your dog are ready to go wherever the whim takes you, no matter the weather. This adventure-proof gear that will have you looking good and walking tall.

1. Reflective High-Visibility Dog Coat

Paikka Raincoat

Day or night, even the darkest dog will stand out in this practical, attractive, high-visibility coat.

On dreary, overcast days, the waterproof coat is reminiscent of an old-fashioned slicker, the kind you’d see on iconic New England fishermen. Come nighttime, the fabric’s bright reflective properties make it pop while providing your pup with protection from the rain.

Made by Finnish brand Paikka in 10 different sizes for the perfect fit for any breed, this raincoat also has a hood to keep the rain your dogs’s neck as well as optional, adjustable leg straps for even fuller coverage.

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2. Rubber Dog Boots 

Just when you thought your pupper couldn’t get any more adorable, along come these WagWellies rubber boots! Although you might be tempted to put them on your dog’s paws just for the incredible cute factor, they’re not just for show.

WagWear Dog Rain boots

Made of 100 percent rubber, these dog boots keeps those feet dry in even the wettest weather. Rain or snow, your dog will be able to walk, run, frolic, and splash to his heart’s content in these dog boots from NYC brand WagWear. 

For your part, you will love the miniature wellies’ open-vent slits which allow them to go on or come off equally easily, the adjustable ankle straps for super-secure fit and the way dirt and debris will rinse right off. Choose from four rainbow bright colors or classic black to coordinate with any of your dog’s most adorable outfits. 

3. Vegan Eco-Friendly Canvas Walk Accessories

When it comes to walks, is your dog more mild or wild? Either way, these waxed canvas walk accessories from eco-conscious company Hoadin will fit the bill.

Vegan Waterproof Harness
Hoadin Vegan Waterproof Harness

Start with the five-foot, waterproof leash in one of three widths, then choose either the matching collar or harness. Both are outfitted with a solid aluminum buckle and D-ring to attach or detach quickly. 

Handmade with non-toxic wax, all three of these accessories will develop a beautiful distressed-leather look with none of the guilt. Hoadin donates a portion of every purchase to its dog rescue partners — its name is an acronym for Help Out A Dog In Need —  and takes pride in handcrafting these gorgeous items that truly make a difference in the lives of dogs.

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4. Canvas Mini Dog Backpack

Dog Backpack Wagwear
WagWear Dog Backpack

Every canine buddy needs a way to carry his treasures. That’s why Wagwear has created a darling little mini backpack just for dogs.

Made from high-quality, durable canvas, the bag boasts a large zippered compartment along with a smaller outer pocket. This means plenty of room for Rover’s favorite toys and a stash of treats — and if you ask nicely, he’ll probably carry some clean-up bags for you, too!

Three high-contrast color choices, adjustable straps with quick-release snaps, and a D-ring for attaching a leash round out the features on this adorable baby backpack for your bowser.

5. Organic Shea Butter and Beeswax Paw Balm

Dug and Bitch Paw Balm

While dogs adore their walks, these strolls can injure their paw pads. From the rough roads to de-icer salt and hot sidewalks, there are a number of hazards that can cause cracked or injured paws.

Fortunately, you can sooth and protect your puppy’s paws with Dug and Bitch’s Paw No. 1 balm. The Scottish company carefully blends organic shea butter and beeswax before infusing the mixture with thyme. Did you know the herb acts as an antiseptic that can renew and revive tired skin?

This balm will not only heal any scrapes or scratches on your dog’s pads, but it will also add a layer of moisture and protection for future walks.

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By Nicole Shein

Nicole Shein has been a wordsmith and an animal lover ever since age 5, when she penned a book about the courtship and marriage of two rabbits named Charlie and Lila — but needed her mother to spell most of the words for her. Nowadays, she works solo as a freelance writer and editor. Her writing has appeared in or on This Old House magazine,, and Nicole lives in Rochester, NY with her partner and two children, but dreams of one day owning a rambling, rustic old farmhouse with plenty of land to accommodate all the animals she would love to rescue.

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