Saturday Night Life Does Hilarious Rap Video About Dogs

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The cast of SNL gave dog lovers a special treat this past weekend: a hilarious rap video dedicated to our four-legged friend.

Host James McAvoy, along with cast members including Pete Davidson and Kenan Thompson, begin the video with lyrics like “Love that girl, she stay loyal in these streets cause” and “Soon as I pull up to the crib, she’s getting geeked up,” making it seem like they are rapping about a woman.

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The men continue to rap about their love. “She my main girl. I get home; she get at me. Hop up on my lap like, welcome home daddy. She’s my best friend.  She shows love and respect. That’s why she walk around with my name on her neck.”

This is when the skit reveals that the song is about dogs, not a special lady in their life.

Davidson raps about his commitment to his dog, even though he is allergic, with the line, “I like my dogs hype, hype, hypoallergenic,” while McAvoy is just angry and wants everyone to respect dogs. Thompson raps about his adoration for his pup. “My dog name is Bryce. She my little Pookie Pookie. She love a little hat, but she really love a cookie.”

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While there is a twist (bunnies!!??), the video is definitely for us dog people.

Check it out:

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