24 Bad-Ass Dog Tags Your Pup Needs to Be Wearing Right Now

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Your dog is a one-of-a-kind. He or she is often the love of your life. You spoil them, love on them, shower them with toys, beds and treats. So why should your pooch have to go out into the world with a ho-hum dog tag?

Your dog deserves the edgiest, funniest, most bad-ass dog tag on the market. Whether your dog is a Casanova, a Mata Hari, a genius, comedian, beach bum or a member of your local motorcycle club, there’s a dog tag out there that will rock his world.

Here are some tags that make a statement, whether radical, funny or philosophical, that will make your dog stand out from the pack while you look like the coolest dog parent ever.

Eastcoast Engraving ($9-$12)

From funny relatable to funny philosophical, Eastcoast Engraving has a dog tag for you. These handmade aluminum tags are made to order and come in 7 colors. Sized at 1-inch high by 1.7-inch wide, they all come with an attachment ring. Some of the best are:

Tags we can all relate to

Tags that are a bit edgy

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Tags that are a bit philosophical

Growlees (~ $13)

According to the UK website, “Growlees dog collar charms for outspoken mutts. The design-led pet tag that lets your dog do the talking.” Available in seven colors, there are so many to love. Here are just a few:

Mad-as-a-hatter but cute-as-a-button

You don’t need a therapist, you have a dog.

For the four-legged Zoolanders

Unless you steal my treats. Don’t ever steal my treats.

The life of a Growlmama and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The perfect gift for the Houdini of hounds

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Rebel Dawg ($24)

These tags are customizable, lightweight, and made from acrylic for a super-quiet ride. They all come with an attached charm, and are available in numerous colors and configurations. Its motto says it all: “Your pet is an extension of your own unique style. You should both be able to customize every detail about everything you buy.” Ones we love:

Because there is only one HBIC, amirite?

Head Bitch Rebel Dawg

The conversation we avoid

What do you mean I am adopted Rebel Dawg

Need we say more?


I am cuter than your kid Rebel Dawg


Can’t put a price on them.


Named fittingly Critterbling, these are handmade from nu gold, copper, nickel silver, aluminum or stainless steel, and customizable. They come with a ring for attaching. nickel silver, copper or nu gold will develop a patina with time.

For all those “puparazzi”out there

For dogs who think squirrel chasing is an Olympian sport

I am your father, Luke Skywalker

For those airhead humans

Dog Tag Art ($13)

This company allows you to shop by personality! From activist to zoologist, there’s something here for everyone. They’re made of a durable stainless-steel core, with permanent colorful graphics and a strong key ring included, it comes with a Lifetime legibility guarantee. Here are ones we love:

For the “Eastern” personality

For the “Globetrotter” personality

For the “Artistic” personality

For the “Urbanite” personality

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