Puppy Discovered in Rubble After Wildfires Destroyed Community

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Image courtesy of Butte County Sheriff.

With fires continue to rage on the West Coast, devastating entire communities and killing dozens, this week there was a little bit of good news.

Fire responders were surveying a burnt property in Berry Creek, Calif. when they stumbled upon a puppy.

Image courtesy of Butte County Sheriff

“Yesterday, as BCSO deputies and members of BCSO Search and Rescue were searching through properties impacted by the fire, they made an unexpected and welcomed discovery on a large property in Berry Creek, this adorable puppy,” the Butte County Sheriff wrote on its Facebook page.  

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The puppy did have some minor burns and was taken to the local veterinary clinic for a check-up. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Image courtesy of Butte County Sheriff

The team discovered the puppy belonged to the owners of the property, but as the fires quickly spread across their lot, they did not have the chance to locate them all.

The team named the puppy Trooper.

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