On the Bachelorette, The Only One Smelling Roses Is Rachel Lindsay’s Dog

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On this season’s Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay is looking to find her perfect man. But what these guys don’t know is they will have to compete with the current love of her life: her dog  Copper.

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Making his debut in the first episode, the rescue dog wobbled on screen with a little blue cast and won the world over.

“Ladies and gents, I present Copper and his cast – best part of the episode,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Before the premiere was even over, two Twitter accounts were created for the pup: @BachDogCopper and @RachelsDog1 to follow the dog’s journey as his mom looks for true love.

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And one contestant already caught BachDogCopper’s eye:

While both are torn about how they feel about crazy Lucas Yancey, better known as the Whaboom guy.

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As Lindsay is doing press for the show, she did reveal she’s engaged, so it looks like her new fiancé will also have to win over Copper’s heart. To help her choose, the dog was sometimes at the mansion to give men the sniff test, Lindsay told Jimmy Kimmel.

“That’s my dog child,” Lindsay told Kimmel. “And he said whoever’s going to be his newest daddy, if I pick one, he needed to be a part of it.”