New Report Reveals the 10 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in America

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When it comes to where you are going to live, a lot of dog owners consider their pup when choosing where to TK their roots.

Indeed, a recent study revealed that 33 percent of millennials were influenced by their dog when considering buying a house – and we are guessing they aren’t the only generation that thinks this way. (How many House Hunters episodes have you seen where a yard is an absolute must for the family dog?)

But there are other considerations beyond the four walls that make up your home. How many walking paths are in the vicinity? Are dog parks easily accessible? Where is the closest vet?

All these factors come into play when deciding where to call home.

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To help us figure out the best dog-friendly cities in America, put out a report ranking the top 10 in America. The company examined the 150 largest metro areas and factored in a variety of data points, including how many homes have “dog-related” features like doggy door, the number of pet services per capital, percentage of dog-friendly restaurants, ownership rates and the number of listings that allow dogs.

What it found was the West coast seemed to dominate for dog friendliness, but check out the listing for yourself.

1. Austin, Texas

Dog ownership rate: 44%
Median home list price: $372,000
The city which is proud of its motto”Keep Austin Weird” also happens to be the most dog-friendly city in the country, according to the report. With more than 200 spots to grab a bite to eat with your pup and 60 dog-friendly hotels, the city definitely caters to locals – and visitors. “In Austin, you can take your dogs everywhere,” Troy Pfeifer, co-owner of the Sit Means Sit dog training branch in the city, told the outlet.  “There are no shortage of bars, restaurants that allow dogs.” Besides having plenty of things to do with your dogs – yoga, contests and doggie beaches – Austin is also the largest no-kill city in the country, according to one local animal welfare group.

2. Reno, Nevada

Dog ownership rate: 37.1%
Median home list price: $422,500

With the city known for its mild winters, nice springs and falls (the summers can be pretty brutal), it is no wonder Reno ranks high for dog lovers. Plus, it has Lake Tahoe it its site, trails for hiking and water to play in.

According to the report, the city is also home to various big charity events, including DogFest Walk ’n Roll, a walk to raise money for Canine Companions for Independence – an organization that partners therapy dogs with disabled people.

3. Salinas, California

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Dog ownership rate: 32.8%
Median home list price: $904,500

With approximately 1 in 5 restaurants allowing dogs at their location, beaches that permit our four-legged, pup-friendly hotels and more, this picturesque city it an ideal place to have a pet.

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“People love walking their dogs on Pebble Beach, which has such beautiful views,” Billy Quon, founder of SUR at The Barnyard, which has a doggie menu, told “There are endless trails here to take your dog hiking.”

4. Denver, Colorado

Dog ownership rate: 42.5%
Median home list price: $499,500

With views of the mountains, mild winters and a dog-friendly downtown, Denver is heaven for a dog, especially the big ones (except for pit bull-type dogs who are banned from the city).

There is also many dog-friendly hotels including Hotel Teatro, which offers “pawdicures” and canine massages, while The Art, A Hotel has ART Run, in which dogs and their owners do an urban run and are rewarded at the end of it with a cold bottle of water for the human and bacon-fused water for the pup.

5. Portland, Oregon

Dog ownership rate: 42.5%
Median home list price: $499,500

Another West Coast city that has set dogs tails a wagging, Portland is a great place to have a canine. With its laid-back attitude, beautiful scenery and outdoorsy vibe,  the city attracts a lot of pup owners. It also has 33 major off-leash areas, allowing people to not only hike with their dog but also socialize with other pups.

The other cities that made the top 10 include Seattle, Washington; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Tucson, Arizona; Ann Arbor, Michigan and Raleigh, North Carolina.

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