New Google Feature Turns Your Pup Pictures Into a ‘Doggie Movie’

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Reddit user: _mars_,

Dog owners rejoice: Google just unveiled a new feature that will turn your pup photos into a mini film.

Called “Doggie Movie” the service selects pictures of your pup in Google Photos and turns them into a fun video, accompanied by barking music (The Blue Danube Waltz).

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Users have been talking about this feature for a few months, but it got big yesterday, when Reddit user, _mars_, posted a video of his dog, under the comment, “Google photos just made a “Doggie movie” from my gallery… self.” People commented with their own video (works for cats, too!), while others could not access the Doggie Movie feature.

For right now, it seems Google is quietly rolling out the feature to some users and testing it. People who have Google’s Pixel or Nexus phone are the ones who are reporting the new feature, so some of us may need to hang tight a little longer and hope Doggie Movie will be available to everyone with Google Photos.

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In the meantime, here is one for your enjoyment: