Adorable Dog Helps Owner ‘Pedal’ During Bike Ride

An adorable pomeranian decided to show off his biking skills while enjoying a ride with his owner.

In a video uploaded on Facebook,  a 13-year-old dog named Ace is shown biking with his owner Tanya Reid of Toronto. Strapped in a front-facing dog carrier, the senior pup is trying his hardest to help her on the bicycle ride, using his own paws to pedal. (Little does he know, he isn’t helping.)

Posted by Tanya Reid on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Still his sweet attempt managed to capture the hearts of thousands of people on Facebook, with the video receiving more than 11,000 shares to date.

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It also made its way to Twitter. Stuart Rutherford posted the video with the caption, “That wholesome feeling when you think you are contributing but you really have no idea what you are doing.” It has received nearly 100,000 retweets to date and many reactions.

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