In Series, Photographer Captures the Important Role Dogs Play in the Office

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Image Credit: Ty Foster

With more businesses being open to our four-legged friend hanging out in the office, a photographer captured the powerful role they play in the work environment.

For his series “Dogs at Work,” photographer Ty Foster traveled across the U.S. — from Colorado to Connecticut — to document dogs in different office settings.

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“I kept hearing about more and more companies that allowed their employees to bring their dogs to work and I wanted to find out more,” he tells This Dog’s Life about how the project began.

While his photos are a beauty on their own, they also show the perks of having an office pup.

“It seemed as if people were just happier,” the Denver-based photographer says of the offices with dogs. “The workplaces were less stressful. Coincidentally, it seemed as if the workplace was more cohesive and more collaborative.”

Indeed, research has shown that bringing a dog to work can help increase creativity, improve employee morale and lower stress, to name a few of the benefits.

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Here are a few of our favorite shots. To see more, along with other work he has done with dogs, head over to Foster’s website.

Hanging at Truman Boot Company

Ty Foster 3
Image Credit: Ty Foster

Relaxing at Natalya Zahn

Ty Foster 7
Image Credit: Ty Foster

Hanging with co-workers in Havenly meeting

Ty Foster 5

The perfect office dog at Loyal Supply Company

Ty Foster 8
Image Credit: Ty Foster

Providing support at The Donners’ Company

Ty Foster 9
Image Credit: Ty Foster

Knowing when to provide a great laugh at Viewpoint Creative

Ty Foster 10
Image Credit: Ty Foster

Giving input at Wrapped LA

Ty Foster 12
Image Credit: Ty Foster

The greeter at Sacred Thistle

Ty Foster 11
Image Credit: Ty Foster