Scotland Company Offers ‘Pawternity Leave’ for New Dog Parents

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Image Credit: Brewdog

Welcoming a new dog into a household isn’t easy, especially during the first few days. It takes time to get acquainted with each other, everything is new and adjustments are needed. It is kind of like bringing a new baby home.  A company in Scotland understands this, which is why it recently unveiled its Puppy Parental Leave.

This week, BrewDog, a brewery and pub chain, announced it will now allow employees across the company to take one week off when they add a puppy, or rescue dog, to the family.

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The perk came after the company noticed people taking paid time off to get their new four-legged friend acclimated to its surroundings, says account executive Viola Hazlerigg . With such a strong focus on its people, the company decided to offer this benefit as a way to support its employees during this sensitive time – and the team is grateful.

Brew Dog
Image Credit: BrewDog

“Everyone’s super pleased and proud to work for a company that considers things like this for its staff!” says Hazlerigg. “Our employees work really hard, so it’s always awesome when we roll out new initiatives like Puppy Parental Leave that make their working lives even more enjoyable.”

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Brew Dog 1
Image Credit: BrewDog

The company’s dog-loving roots can be traced back to 2007, when founders James Watt and Martin Dickie would bring Bracken, the original Brew Dog, into the brewery. While the  duo worked tirelessly to launch the company and create distinct beer, the pup remained by their side.”It is for this reason that we owe a lot to the support and love we have got from our four-legged friends,” Hazlerigg says. “We wanted to honor this by giving something back and showing our appreciation to dog-kind.”

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Image Credit: BrewDog
Image Credit: BrewDog

Striving to be “the best company to work for, ever,” the company has a number of other appealing employee benefits, including sabbaticals, profit sharing, maternity and paternity leave, along with, of course, a dog-friendly office.

Check out their video about the Puppy Paternal Leave:

Puppy Parental Leave from BrewDog on Vimeo.