You Can’t Help But Smile at This Groomer’s Slo-Mo Blow Drying Videos

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||||Image Credit: Jess Rona|Image Credit: Jess Rona|Image Credit: Jess Rona|Image Credit: Jess Rona||

Not all groomers are created equal — and one  has been captivating social media for years with her amazing hair styles and artistic skills. trademark slo-mo videos and expertly-curated tunes.

On the hunt for a unique look for your already-adorable pup? Meet Jess Rona, the Los Angeles-based pet stylist, social media star, musician and comedian (whoa! –talk about a full plate!).

With more than 100,000 Instagram fans, Los Angeles-based Jess Rona has created a name for herself, thanks to her creative stills, trademark slo-mo videos and expertly-curated tunes. Her keepsake skills have not only caught the attention of people all over the world, but also celebs, like Katy Perry.

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Image Credit: Jess Rona
Image Credit: Jess Rona

While it’s common for a groomer to snap hilarious pics of dogs being primped, it’s Rona’s knack for catching them in their best moments — staring at the cameras straight-on as their fur delicately blows in the wind that sets her apart from the rest.

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Posted by Jess Rona Grooming on Friday, January 20, 2017

“I started bathing pups at PetSmart in LA when I was 18 to make extra money,” Rona tells us. “Then I slowly learned how to groom dogs over the years.” Soon after, she took the leap into acting and comedy, moved to New York for a bit, then settled back into LA, grooming from home so she would have more time for auditions.

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After noticing her clients’ playful personalities shine while she was hard at work, Rona started to whip out her phone and press play.


Posted by Jess Rona Grooming on Saturday, June 20, 2015

“It all happened organically,” she says. “Dogs would do funny things so I would grab my iPhone and record them. Then, I learned about an app that put music on videos, so I started playing with it.”

Customers love (and want!) the videos so much that Rona now has to write a disclaimer in her emails saying they’re not guaranteed!

Image Credit: Jess Rona
Image Credit: Jess Rona

Because of her popularity, Rona has chosen to limit her day to five to seven dogs and works on a referral-only basis (there isn’t even a waitlist right now.)

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To provide a total zen environment, Rona’s shop not only has a calming ambiance — with a kitschy, homey feel – but also selects products to relax dogs.

“I use products by IV San Bernard,” she tells us. “Each dog gets a blueberry facial, argan oil face mask, shampoo and conditioner according to coat and skin type, and an argan oil finish. I don’t know of any other LA-based groomer that takes the time and conditions every pet’s face and body.”

Image Credit: Jess Rona
Image Credit: Jess Rona

“It’s so rewarding to make someone’s dog gorgeous,” Rona says. “It’s like I am giving presents all day. When clients pick up their pups, they’re so happy. And the dog gets more snuggles. It’s a win win.”

Image Credit: Jess Rona
Image Credit: Jess Rona

Rona plans on continuing to grow her grooming empire, while focusing on her other interests, like music. “I’d love to start a product line down the road,” she says. “I just directed a campaign for Liquid Plumr, shot a commercial for The Standard Hotel and directed my first music video for Tegan and Sara starring a bunch of amazing dogs. That was a fun one.”

Now that you know what Rona is all about, it’s time to take a peek at the single thing that started it all – her Instagram page, called Jess Rona Grooming. Expect laughs, smiles, and even more love for your furry little ones. Enjoy!

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