I Learned Why Everyone Is Obsessed With the Puppia Harness


If you search for a high-quality harness, Puppia stands out as one of the leading brands in the world, headquartered in South Korea, where they take dog safety and fashion seriously.

I have trusted the safety of my dog, Beyla, with the company’s “basic” Soft Harness since I picked her up from the pound more than seven years ago.

I knew I wanted to purchase a harness instead of simply using a leash attached to a collar, because it is often considered more humane, since it does not restrict the air passages, nor does it cause injury to the neck when a hard tug is required to evade danger or correct action.

Why I stand by Puppia

While I was shopping for harnesses, I wanted to balance affordability with comfort, and the Puppia Soft Harness offered a lot of surface area coverage for little cost, and it got great reviews. Little did I know at the time that this product was also ultra-durable, saving me money in the long run.

Image Credit: Holly Zynda

Image Credit: Holly Zynda

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Since 2010, Beyla has used the same harness for walking, going to the beach and hiking, and it has stood up to being rubbed in the sand, dragged against stucco walls and being ground into gravel. In short, these harnesses are beyond durable, making them perfect for keeping your canine pal close and secure, and they come at a very affordable price point. (I bought mine in 2010 for $14, and the price hasn’t risen much since).

How to use the Puppia harness

Puppia’s Soft Harness is placed over the dog’s head and buckles around the rib cage, snapping in the back. Unlike other leash-like harnesses, this one spreads the surface area around the neck, shoulders, and chest with its wide yolk, so your dog doesn’t experience any pinch points, even if he or she likes to pull. Once the straps are properly adjusted, they never cut off circulation or cut into the skin, and it is impossible for her to back her way out of the thing, no matter how hard she may try at times.

Image Credit: Holly Zynda

Image Credit: Holly Zynda

Plus, the metal loop for attaching the leash is placed directly in the back of the harness, so you get an even distribution of force when redirecting your dog. While front-latch harnesses are good for correcting behavior and guiding your dog, I like to let me dog run ahead to the end of her leash, which buys her time to smell the environment ahead while I catch up to her. (She gets a bit stubborn if she doesn’t get to sufficiently explore her odiferous surroundings.)

Also, since she is a small dog, having the harness latch on the back also allows me to pick her up by the leash, if we need to quickly evade an environmental danger, such as a snapping dog.

The 100 percent polyester fabric comes with a layered mesh weave, so it is breathable, even on hot days, and shock absorbent, and each of the seams is reinforced for added longevity.

Image Credit: Holly Zynda

Image Credit: Holly Zynda

Offers something for everyone

You also get a lot of options for sizing, as it currently ranges from extra small (teacup Chihuahua size) to double extra-large (great dane), and the adjustable chest strap will easily resize to fit your dog’s particular dimensions.

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Puppia’s Soft Harness also comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from yellow and pink to black and camouflage to fit any pet’s personality or personal style. I chose black, because coordination is important to me, and I had already purchased a black leash.

Survives everything

Beyla is a dog’s dog, and she enjoys going on wild adventures in the wilderness, through town, and along shores and coastlines. With all of the wear and tear she has put on this harness, it barely shows its age.

Image Credit: Holly Zynda

Image Credit: Holly Zynda

In fact, in spite of its regular exposure to both salt water and fresh water, the metal parts have not rusted, the plastic latch has not degraded at all, and the fabric only shows a little pilling.

My dog also has a strong will and desire to explore, so she often pulls and gets into things she shouldn’t (e.g., dead critters). With this harness, I feel confident in that fact that when I resist her pulling or tug her out of the way of a lunging dog, she will not get hurt.

Moreover, I often get comments while sitting at cafes or packing in or out of the car, like “Great harness!” and “Where did you get that?” So, I guess it looks stylistically attractive to other people, as well.

In short, whether you have a bichon frise or a rhodesian ridgeback, the Puppia is not only affordable but provides comfort that could very well last a doggy lifetime.

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By Holly Zynda

Holly Zynda is a copy editor, proofreader, and writer with a lifelong passion for the written word. Over the course of her career, she has worked on an array of content for individuals and major companies, including GoPro, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Genentech, and She also maintains a thriving editing and publishing business, Owl Intermedia. When not working, Holly is an avid amateur photographer, serving as a contributor to Shutterstock and holding dozens of awards on ViewBug. Holly also contributes her free time to environmental protection, animal welfare and humanist causes.

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