How to Help Shelter Dogs From the Comfort of Your Own Home

What You Can Do to Help Shelters Dogs From Your Home

If you’ve been following the news about animal shelters over the past nine months, you’ve probably heard how adoptions are up. But, what you’re likely not to have seen is that donations are down. Like so many other nonprofit organizations, animal shelters across the country have seen a dip in donations as people lost their jobs and the economy suffered. And unfortunately, 2021 is expected to be another challenging year financially for shelters.

With the economy still being as rocky as it is, donations are lower than they have been in the past,” Holly Brennan, a volunteer at Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia, told This Dog’s Life. “But our hopes are high that this will soon change.”

If you want to help out shelter pups, there are a few things you can do right from the comfort of your own home, with just a couple clicks.

Make SearchKibble Your Search Engine

Ensure that no cat or dog living in a shelter goes hungry ever again. Every time you perform an internet search on the website SearchKibble (or use its Chrome extension) the company will donate food to a shelter dog in need. You can see where the money comes from and how they distribute the kibble here. To date, the site’s users have help serve more than 100,000 meals to shelter animals.

Check Out Shelter Wish List Items

Many animal shelters, including the Animal Humane Society, have wish lists that are available on sites like Amazon and Chewy. Similar to a gift registry, the organization shares what they need – from food to harnesses and beds – allowing people to purchase items for it. Amazon also has a similar program called AmazonSmile, where every time you shop on its platform, the company will donate .5 percent of your eligible purchases to a charity of your choice.

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Create Toys Out of Used or Unworn Clothing

We all have a large box or bag of unused clothing sitting in a closet or basement corner. Instead of donating all of your items, use a couple to make DIY dog toys for shelter pups. One simple method is cutting three lines into an old t-shirt, wrapping a ball into the top part, and braiding the other three pieces. Voila! You have just made a fun dog toy that you can donate to a shelter.

You can also use your unworn clothing to make cage curtains for kitties in need of some privacy and fun Adopt-Me vests for pets waiting to get their picture taken for the shelter website.

Utilize Your Skills and Passions

Did you go to school for accounting? Love blogging or making engaging social media updates? Ask a local dog shelter if they’re in need of administrative, bookkeeping, or marketing help that can be done remotely. Whether you post adorable pictures and profiles of the dogs they currently have up for adoption on Facebook, create informative articles for their website, or help with their budgeting needs, your skills and expertise can certainly come in handy!

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Spread the Word

Send some good vibes out into the world and use your social platforms to let folks know that local shelters are in need of donations. Simply link their fundraising page to your Twitter or Facebook account to let others know how they can help.

Additionally, you can send a shout-out to local animal shelter volunteers on your social media accounts.

Make Their Jobs Easier

Make sure that your dog is outfitted with an ID tag and has been micro-hipped in case she gets lost. Always keep your pup on a leash while out for a walk and safely contained in a fenced-in yard while outside on your property.

Whether you offer your services, get crafty with unused clothing, or simply share a social post, you can help out local animal shelters from the comfort of your own home.

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By Stephanie Weaver

Stephanie Weaver is a freelance writer residing in Philadelphia, PA. When she's not locked down to her laptop, she can be found riding horses or playing with her Boston Terrier mix, Steve.

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