Dog Returned to a Shelter for Being Too Good?

After finding his forever home, a dog was returned to a shelter for apparently being too good.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA posted the update on Facebook, stating, “Binx,” a 1-year-old male dog, was returned “because the dog was considered by its erstwhile new owner as being ‘too good.’”

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No Seriously! I was adopted and returned within 48 hours, with notes saying I’m potty trained, good with kids, fun to play with, and good with dogs in the home!” the post continues. shelter posted on Facebook.

The organizations said the adopters were hoping for more of a challenging dog – something we have never heard of at This Dog’s Life.

While there has been outcry, Binx has received many, many applications (and did get adopted!). As for his previous adopters…maybe they can really help a dog who may be harder to adopt out.

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