Meet the Two Rescue Dogs Who Just Made the Guinness World Records Book

Feather and Geronimo

Two rescue dogs are being honored for their special talents by being featured in the Guinness Worlds Records for 2019.

Geronimo, a border collie mix, and a greyhound named Feather, are being recognized for their record-breaking jumping abilities, with each having a unique spin on the talent.

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Geronimo is a jump-roping queen. Not only is she the record holder for most jumps by a dog in a minute (91), but she also holds the most double-dutch skips record in a minute at 128.


Feather’s jumping skill isn’t about speed, but rather height. She is the record holder for highest jump at an impressive 75.5 inches, or 6.3 feet.

“Once she [Feather] knew that going over the hurdle was what I wanted, she was like ‘oh, ok’. And by the time I got to 60 inches, it was just like nothing for her,” owner Samantha Valle told Guinness World Records. “[S]he just amazes me every single day.”


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Valle, a resident of Maryland, also happens to be the owner of Geronimo. The border collie mix took about six weeks to master her double-dutch skills. Feather works on her jumping three times a week to improve her stamina.

Valle, just like many other dog parents out there, knows the power of adoption.

“I feel like people have a lot of misconceptions about rescue dogs,” she says. “Like ‘oh someone threw it away, there must be something wrong with it’ – but I really enjoy taking people’s throwaway animals and making them into something great.”

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