Check Out Our Verdict for Dog Food Delivery Company NomNomNow

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This article is sponsored by NomNomNow but the opinions expressed in the post are our own.

We have been working on Milo’s manners for the last few months. He is a 2-year-old muscular dog with a lot of energy and is stubborn. While not always the best combo, he is getting better when it comes to sitting, going down, staying and heeling.

But when it comes to dinner time with his NomNomNow, his manners go out the door. He LOVES his meals – and gets super excited to chow down on his Chicken Chow-Wow.

NomNomNow Verdict 1

And I can’t really blame him. The company’s mission is to deliver “dog meals made with the freshest, restaurant-quality ingredients” and has a veterinary nutritionist on staff to ensure the food is correctly formulated.

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When we received his month’s supply of food in the beginning of November, we loved that each meal was pre-packaged, so we didn’t have to worry about measuring out the correct portions. Also, besides chicken, Milo’s meal contains other healthy foods, including sweet potatoes, squash, spinach and fish oil, plus, a nutrient mix from NomNomNow to ensure it is properly balance it out. 


The company provided a transitional plan, meaning we could slowly introduce the new food into Milo’s diet without worrying about an upset stomach. It worked! 

Throughout this month’s journey, we have noticed that Milo’s poop is smaller and firmer (gross, but important for dog owners). He also doesn’t have dry skin and isn’t gassy (woohoo!).

So, now that we are at the end, we can’t possibly revert back to just kibble. There is no way – and we don’t want to either. But, as shared in the last post, the cost is a little expensive. Each week, we are looking at $50 for our 55-pound dog (much less expensive if you have a pint-size pup). Yet, a healthy diet is very important to us – and we know down the road, it could have a huge impact on Milo’s wellbeing.

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So, we are compromising. We want to continue having him eat a subscription dog-food diet, but it will be part of his kibble.

The nice thing with NomNomNow is that they do have a plan set up for people, like me, who can’t go full in. While the partial-feed option isn’t on the website (would be too confusing), the company does allow owners to call its customer service and discuss preferences and quantity to be delivered to your home.

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