Adorable Dog Born With 3 Legs Inspires Us All to Overcome Obstacles

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A golden retriever born with only three working legs is providing inspirationa to thousands on Instagram.

Named Ollie, the four-month-old puppy, was the 12th puppy in a litter that was only supposed to have 11, resulting in him having a deformed, non-working leg. The breeder asked her friends Alex and Leanne Widme if they would be interested in welcoming a special dog into their household.


“We were the first people she contacted because of our passion for uniqueness,” Alex Widme tells This Dog’s Life. “She had a hunch we’d be up for the challenge.”


Not only were they up for the challenge, but they were also excited about helping Ollie overcome all his obstacles, including getting up stairs.

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Owning a video production and photography business, Widme decided to document the big-stair hurdle on film. In the Instagram video, Widme records Ollie attempting over and over again to make it up this step – and he finally did.

“It took him a few weeks to get it, but he finally was big enough to get up, so one day he leapt up and that’s what led to putting together the video,” says Widme. “I had an idea that people would like it, mainly for a fun laugh of the day, but never thought it would go this viral.”

In just three weeks, the Instagram video has garnered nearly 160,000 view and 3,500 comments. But that isn’t all that Ollie has overcome. The pup has also learned to go down steps, run and swim, well kind of. Related: Special Needs Twins Get Early Christmas Present: A Disabled Pit Bull

He has also tried to conquer the sprinkler.

And when Ollie isn’t conquering the world? He likes taking it easy.

“When you pick him up and put him on his back, he will sit so still and relax — practically fall asleep!” says Widme. “He loves being held, and I’m pretty sure he’ll like it even when he gets bigger.”

Ollievue 5

Ollie’s many inspirational adventures can be seen on his Instagram account, OllieVueSoMuch. “This whole journey has been fun for us and for Ollie,” says Widme. “I’m glad we can help others become inspired by the positive spirit Ollie spreads.”

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