Pilot Offers Up Plane to Fly Visually Impaired Dog to Forever Home

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Thanks to a pilot a visually impaired dog will be taking to the skies in style.

Named Pinta, the border collie was found roaming the streets of Missoula, Montana this past summer. Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter took her in but there but was having little luck placing her. “We worked on placing her in Billings, but we didn’t find a suitable family for what her needs are,” Chris Anderson, director of the shelter, told the Missoulian.

But there was from a family in Montrose, Colorado. The only issue was that because of Pinta’s disability, transporting her by car would have been too stressful and difficult. This is when Pilots ‘n Paws, a volunteer program in which pilots donate their time and planes to transport animals in need, stepped in. A pilot, who didn’t want his name released, offered to take the pup to her new home, free of charge. So Pinta boarded a private plan and was flown to her new family, where she will live on a ranch with another dog. She will also be close to a top-notch vet who specializes in animal vision.

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“These kinds of situations are not easy and it really takes a group of people to come together to focus on one animal, this is all for one animal, to get her where she needs to go,” Anderson said in the below video.

H/T Missoulian