‘Kangaroo Dog’ Is an Ambassador to Pups Born With Defects

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Born without her front legs, a dog is an ambassador for disabled animals in Peru.

Named Estrella, this 1-year-old mix was rescued from the streets of a small Peruvian town of Tinga Maria after her original owners abandoned her.

The “kangaroo” dog was adopted by couple Ivan Escobar and his wife Elva Carhuaz, who run an animal shelter in the area.

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Her owners say Estrella doesn’t let her disability hold her back — she plays with other shelter pups, interacts with people and her tail always seems to be wagging.

“She is like a baby who starts learning how to walk. That is how we see her, from that day [when they found Estrella] until today, that is what she learned,” Carhuaz told Reuters.

The couple found the pup when she was 6-months old and took her in. Her local celebrity status has not only helped the shelter raise funds for animals in need but attracted more visitors, as people want to meet Estrella.

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