What We Can Learn From All the Dog Drama With Lisa Vanderpump

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With only a few weeks of filming completed for the new season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there is already a supposed dog fight among castmates Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley.

A publication reported that Kemsley had caught the ire of Vanderpump after she adopted a Chihuahua mix from the Vanderpump Dogs rescue and then returned it to a different shelter. Vanderpump was furious after she found out.

But Kemsley has a different take on the events.

“Dorit did adopt a dog from Vanderpump Dog Foundation,” an insider told People. “She loves animals and has always been a huge supporter of Lisa’s rescue efforts. Everything was great for awhile, the kids (son Jagger, 4, and daughter Phoenix, 2) loved the dog and everything was fine.”

But then the dog bit Phoenix and Kemsley decided to rehome the dog.

“It was a bad bite,” says the source. “It was pretty traumatic. Dorit and PK talked it out and decided that the best thing to do was find a new loving home for the dog. They were heartbroken but made the decision for the safety of their young kids.”

Before she gave the dog to a new home, Kemsley called Vanderpump explaining the situation and asked if it was okay. Apparently, Vanderpump gave her blessing.

But that wasn’t how it played out on the series. Reportedly, Vanderpump confronted Kemsley on a trip to the Bahamas and was not happy.

“Too say Lisa is pissed is an understatement,” the insider told Radar Online. “Having one of her dogs ends up in a shelter places her rescue organization in jeopardy because it’s a new business. She doesn’t want to be known for placing dogs in unsuitable homes.”

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While drama may have ensued while cameras were rolling, Vanderpump now has had a change of heart.

“She did not give it to a shelter; I’m gonna set the record straight with that, that’s not true at all,” Vanderpump told TMZ. “She gave it to somebody who really wanted the dog, who assured her it was going to a loving home, and that’s what Dorit thought. She would not drop the dog off at a shelter.”

Vanderpump added, “Dorit did nothing wrong… It didn’t happen the way it’s been reported and I won’t have that said about my friend.”

While this makes for great television, it is so important that when you adopt a dog, you realize it is a life commitment (of course, there are some special circumstance). You need to make sure the dog will be a good fit for your family, and your family will be a good fit for the dog. If you have small kids, consider not getting a tiny dog. Or if you don’t want an active pup, look into breeds that are couch potatoes or aren’t puppies.

These dogs were already abandoned once, so do your homework to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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