Here’s What Makes French Bulldogs So Damn Irresistible

Five Frenchie Bulldogs wearing sweaters on a bench.

It seems like everywhere you turn, you see Frenchies, especially on Instagram. Their bat ears, compact, bread loaf-like bodies and squishy faces are taking over our feeds. It’s no coincidence. The breed has captured the hearts of many, with Frenchies finally cracking the American Kennel Association’s most recent top 10 most popular dog list, coming in at number nine. French Bulldogs haven’t been on the list in nearly 100 years, so it’s quite a feat. So what is it about these lovable creatures that makes them irresistible? We asked a few of our global Instagram Frenchie family to let us in on the unique personality traits that will earn Frenchies a higher ranking in years to come.

They’re clowns with a heart of gold.

Don’t worry Elsa, some people are worth melting for! You are worth it! @stitchbully

A photo posted by Cheeky Frenchie Cesar (@cesar_frenchie) on

New York City and Germany’s Stich (@stitchbully) and Cesar (@cesar_frenchie) are an Instagram international love story. Their owners met on the platform and now have a long distance relationship, both sharing the joys of their pups. If Frenchies bringing together two humans and forming a family internationally doesn’t already have you hooked, their dad Wook L. reveals the duo’s irresistible factor, “Beyond their adorable, cute faces are their funny, clown-like characters. They always have us laughing.” Their mom gives further insights sharing “Stitch wants to be with her humans ALL the time and only with us. She is like a little baby depending on us.” As for Cesar, “When I cry he comes immediately to lick away my tears and tries to cheer me up. Both things show how deep the connection between us all is.”

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When they want something, they won’t back down.

That’s right, bitch. This stink eye is for you. A photo posted by Harriett Dillinger-Reyes (@harriettnoir) on

New York’s HBIC (that’s head bitch in charge) Frenchie Harriett (@harriettnoir) has just too many irresistible traits, but if her New York City mom had to choose just one, she can’t resist her determination “When she wants something — usually attention — she sits very close to me and politely and ever so gently, taps my foot with her paw. Will repeat as necessary until desired result achieved,” says Marni D.

They know their beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

Fellow New Yorker Rachel R. explains that all her dog Lola (@lolabarksdale) needs to do is gaze at her and she turns to mush. “Lola looks you right in the eye and makes you melt!”

They know the art of ‘pinging.’

Frenchie and art connoisseur Pickle (@picklebeholding) not only has great taste but mom Katie H. divulges Pickle “pings when she wants to get your attention. If you are unfamiliar with this term, you aren’t the only one. Katie H. explains that “a ping is when she rears up on her hind legs to get into your line of sight” If you don’t respond, she “then stomps back down and grunts disappointedly.” Frenchies are experts at letting their feelings known – and apparently that is what makes them so dang irresistible.

They’re pigs disguised as dogs.

Holding it down in Brooklyn, New York, Carrie T. explains that every time her fawn Frenchie Walter (@thedailywalter) “gets a new chew bone, he races all around the house making little pig noises, trying to find a place to hide it, or chew it in peace — away from his parents!” And if that’s not enough to make you snort-laugh, when Carrie gets home Walter “tosses his head around like a little bull and wiggles his whole butt like a little pig!” This makes sense, as Frenchies are nicknamed “batpigs”: the ears of a bat and the body and grunts of a pig.

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The mannerisms of Frenchies are priceless.

While we desist most wonderful things (being evil), we could come to appreciate this new “spring sunshine” situation. A photo posted by Ludwig von Schnorflehausen (@turtlebatpig) on

Resistance is futile to falling for these four-legged snorters, especially when there are two of them. Enter Countess Violet and brother-from-another-mother Ludwig von Schnorlfehausen, collectively known as @turtlebatpig. This adorable pair (okay, they are all adorable) causes their New York mom Colleen K.’s heart to stir. “I love it when Violet wakes up and her little teeters are sticking out of her under bite. I love how Ludwig puts his ears down and curls into my legs when he’s happy to see me. I love how Ludwig teaches Violet to wrestle by throwing himself on his back and going belly-up under her.”

What can we say? They keep us (and everyone else) smiling.

Soaking up the morning sun!

A photo posted by Nino (@bonjournino) on

Taking it to Boston, Lauren (aka @creativedexterity) has been so inspired by her spotted Frenchie Nino (@bonjournino), she created a Frenchie jewelry line. She concurs that choosing just one irresistible thing is a challenge but in the end, it comes down to him symbolizing pure happiness. “I find myself staring at him and can’t help but smile, laugh or want to try to kiss him non-stop! I think that’s why he also gets a lot of attention when we’re out in public. People just smile when they see him.”

Their happiness is contagious.

One happy little man A photo posted by Angus The Frenchie (@angus_thefrenchie) on

Heading north to Canada, the mom of our crush, Angus (@angus_thefrenchie) gives us even more reasons to swoon. “I love his little dreamy eyes when he looks at me,” says Sara G. “But, the most irresistible thing he does, after running, especially at the park, he pants and his smiley face appears and it just makes my heart melt. He always looks so stoked with that face!”

They keep calm and carry on.

Me after the dog park.

A photo posted by Mr. Boba (@mrboba) on

Moving across the country to California, Rina R. explains it is Mr. Boba’s (@mrboba) “laid back, super chill personality,” that keeps “everyone drawn to him.” Can you blame them?

They think their ‘dogged’ determination will get them whatever they want.

Chances of bacon rain – 100% ????- Elle (photo courtesy of @bennythefrenchienyc ????) A photo posted by ELLE (@grrlgenius_) on

Our last stop is London, where, I’ll admit my own Elle (@grrlgenius_), who has a very friendly and playful personality, can also be very stubborn. When she resists going somewhere, it is impossible not to laugh (inside) and think of the best advice given to me, when dealing with a Frenchie: You have to be more stubborn then the Frenchie.

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Main image via @HarrietNoir, taken by @emwng

By Colleen Quill

Colleen "Coco" Quill (aka the treat master) is a digital marketing expert and copywriter living in London.

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