Want to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Holiday Season? Use These 9 Apps.

A small dog sitting on a blanket with a teddy bear in front of a Christmas tree during the holiday season.

The holidays bring as much chaos as they do joy. The tumult is stressful for dogs, too. Keep your dog safe and secure this season with the help of these fantastic apps.

1. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Dog parents never get a holiday. But they can reduce their worry and stay prepared with this handy app. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross provides well-organized, comprehensive information on symptoms as well as practical step-by-step guidance on managing dog emergency situations. It also maps local veterinary providers.

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2. ASPCA Pet Safety Mobile

Wild winter weather, holiday travel, the confusion of houseguests coming and going, it’s easy for a dog to get lost in the fray. The free ASPCA Pet Safety Mobile app advises you on pet-focused storm preparation, organizes important health records, and helps you facilitate broad search efforts if your pup goes missing.

3. Finding Rover

A great new tool for reuniting lost dogs with their families, Finding Rover uses facial recognition technology to support pet recovery. This savvy app might come in handy if you’re on the road this winter.

4. Pet Coach

Things get weird over the holidays. The normal routine is turned on its head, which makes it doubly hard to be the alpha leader of your pack. Free app Pet Coach hooks you up with the experts. Ask your question and receive personalized advice on how to manage training and behavioral difficulties.

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5. VetProtect

Tis the season for delectable treats, but which of these are safe to share with Fido? And what should you do if he chows on something he shouldn’t? With VetProtect, you get a rundown of hundreds of foods (and medications) that can harm dogs and cats, plus post-ingestion symptom summaries.

6. Relax My Dog

In the holiday frenzy, we all need a mental health moment now and again. Treat your pooch to some soothing tunes composed for dogs. Give her a moment of Zen with Relax My Dog and Fido will be a far happier, mellower pup when your guests arrive.

7. A Dog Story

A Dog Story is an interactive adventure teaches kids important lessons in human-canine interaction. Pull it up to help your young visitors relate to your dog in a safe, healthy manner. What better gift could you give this season than helping children and dogs to become friends?

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8. Rover

If you must leave your pup behind, this free app from Rover can link you with qualified dog sitters to care for your four-legged buddy in your absence. Over 200,000 professionals in the U.S and Canada are available to meet your needs. Before you book your flight out of town, find the perfect companion for your dog to hang with in your absence.

9. Dogo

Your ability to keep your dog safe depends on the relationship you have established with her. Effective training lets you and pooch work as a team when unexpected circumstances arise. Clicker training is one of the best training methods available, and Dogo provides tips, videos and trainers in its easy-to-use app.

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