Toast Meets the Real Griswolds

For You

At the Humane Society’s “To the Rescue! New York” gala event this past Friday, Chevy Chase and family wanted to hang with the real star of the night, Instagram sensation “Toast Meets World.”

Coming from a puppy mill situation in North Carolina, Toast has been the “poster dog” for overbreeding and owners Katie Sturino and “The Fat Jew” also play an active role in raising awareness about the dire conditions these dogs endear.

“Puppy Mills supply 99.99999999% of all dogs that are found in any pet store or online shop. The owners of these businesses over-breed the mothers and fathers then discard them with no regard for health or happiness. A total downer, but true.  So, if you want to get a dog, please adopt one. If you are a heartless monster, at least make sure to go to a breeder who does so responsibly. Muppet and I are both former puppy mill breeding dogs.”


It seems like Toast is getting along just fine now. Chase and Toast raised $1.5 million for the Humane Society. Nicely done!