This Dog Takes the Cake for Destroying a House

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We have all heard the horror stories of puppies, when left to their own devices, can wreck havoc on homes when they are alone. Pulling out couch stuffing, chewing on expensive shoes, eating underwear, you name it.

But as they grow older, this stage usually passes. Usually is the key word.

A family decided to leave their adult husky at home while they attended a movie. Returning three hours later, they came home to quite the surprise.

The dog had gotten into a calligraphy set, and let’s just say, the writing was on the wall, the floor and everywhere in between.

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Here is the aftermath (try not to gasp too much)

Dog Destroys Home 10

Dog Destroys Home 2

Dog Destroys Home 5

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Dog Destroys Home 8

Dog Destroys Home 7

Dog Destroys Home 4

Dog Destroys Home 6

Dog Destroys Home 1

Dog Destroys Home

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