Rare Sighting: Puppy Born With Green Fur

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Dog with green fur
Instagram: cristian_mallocci

This year we could all use a little luck. And for one Italian farmer, he got some in the most unusual way: a green puppy.

Cristian Mallocci’s dog, Spelacchia, recently gave birth to a litter of five puppies, with one being born the color green, a sign of hope and good fortune, Mallocci says.

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Fittingly named Pistachio, being born with green fur is a rarity. It is believed that the level of biliverdin, a chemical that makes bile, was high in Pistachio’s sac, staining his fur. It isn’t dangerous and the green color will disappear.

The litter was born on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. While Pistachio will stay on the farm to help herd sheep, the other dogs will be adopted out.

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