Orlando Bloom Saves Bloody Dog From Street in China

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Flickr/Hengist Decius

Orlando Bloom may not be super active on Instagram but that doesn’t mean he isn’t already making women swoon.

The actor, best known for his role as Legolas in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, was in Shanghai, China filming Smart Chase: Fire & Earth when he found a bloodied, abandoned dog on the street.

“This lil girl,” he wrote in an Instagram Story with a cracked emoji heart next to a photo of the dog.

Not going to leave her to suffer, the animal lover rescued her from the street — and decided to document her recovery using the social-media platform.

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Taking her to the vet, Bloom helped the vet shave her down, while calmly saying”good girl” in that oh-so-nice British accent.

Next up was bath time for the pup. The actor was hands up, again, using his voice to soothe and relax the dog.

Last post was the pup with the awful cone of shame, with Bloom writing “R&R.” While it is unknown if Bloom will add the dog to his brood — he has a senior named Sidi and his girlfriend Katy Perry has a curly pup named Butters — we have to believe he gave her a leg up on life.

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Check out the Instagram story below: