New Survey Shows How Crazy in Love We Are With Our Dogs

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For dog parents, love is a four-legged word.

Having a pup means unconditional love, absolute loyalty and unbreakable trust. Dogs provide so much happiness, lots of wags and kisses, along with snuggles and cuddles.

And while we can tell how much dogs love us, how much do we really love our pups? A lot, according to a new report.

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, dog-walking company Rover put out “The Real Power of Dog Love,” which explores the deep bond we share with our four-legged friend.

For instance, when it comes to V-Day, 47 percent of dog parents will do something special for their pup to celebrate the holiday, including posting a pic on Instagram, baking a dessert of cooking a special meal.

But our love isn’t just shown on Feb. 14. Sixty-seven percent admit to lovingly gazing into their dog’s eyes,  while 47 percent say they cuddle with their pup more than their significant partner.

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When it comes to what sort of role our dog plays in other relationships, the survey found that our four-legged friend is often on our mind.  The report found that 53 percent of dog parents would think about ending a relationship if their significant other was severely allergic to their pup. On the flip side, 25 percent of millennial dog parents would continue a relationship or friendship just because they liked the person’s dog. And 1 in 3 would regularly bring their pooch on date nights.

To see additional findings, check out the below infographic.